NGO-government interaction in rice-fish farming and other aspects of sustainable agricultural development in Thailand

TitleNGO-government interaction in rice-fish farming and other aspects of sustainable agricultural development in Thailand
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsSollows, J, Jonjuabsong, L, Hwai-Kham, A
Secondary TitleNetwork paper ODI, Agricultural Administration (Research and Extension) Network no. 28
Number of Pages41
Date PublishedDecember 1991
PublisherAgricultural Administration Unit, Overseas Development Institute
Keywordsagricultural development projects; aquatic resources; fish culture; rice; sustainable agriculture; Thailand

John Sollow's paper reports that whilst formerly widespread in Central Thailand, the populartity of rice-fish culture began to be replaced by more profitable agricultural technologies from the early 1970's. These technologies are of limited applicability in Northeast Thailand, where rice-fish culture began to spread in the early 1980s, following rapid declines in traditional wild fish sources.

NGOs were among the first to notice its increasing popularity and to bring it to the attention of several government agencies. Subsequently, on-farm, farmer managed trials by the Department of Agriculture helped to confirm the viability of the practice, and to bring it to the attention of policy-makers. Considering these results and their own experiences, the Department of Fisheries has assigned a high priority to the extension of rice-fish culture in Northeast Thailand. The Department of Agriculture Extension is also involved in extending the practice there and elsewhere.

Research efforts continue to address factors limiting the adoption and productivity of the technology. Major extension efforts are expected to continue.

The relationship between government and non-government agencies is largely informal. Some examples of contacts which have been mutually beneficial are given, and possible ways of strengthening institutional linkages are discussed. Most are open to debate, but all relate to improved communications, be it in style, content or frequency.

Research Notes

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