Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsKlee, GA
EditorKlee, GA
Book TitleWorld systems of traditional resource management
Date Published1980
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
CityNew York
KeywordsAustralia; Melanesia; Micronesia; New Guinea; New Zealand; Polynesia

Many South Pacific islanders possessed and continue to possess a wealth of environmental knowledge, including traditional systems of resource management. Taboos, bans, seasons, wildlife preserves, marine preserves, land and lagoon tenure systems, systems of time reckoning, social stratification, religion, and population control (overseas voyaging, suicidal voyages, celibacy, prevention of conception, abortion, and infanticide) undoubtedly function in conserving island resources. Several of these inadvertent or recognized conservation practices were distinctly effective in terms of conserving resources, and, if those appropriate were supported or adapted to modern conditions, they could continue to be so. Yet, little time remains to identify, record, and possibly preserve some of these traditional systems of conservation management. (author)

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