Place and people: An ecology of a New Guinean community

TitlePlace and people: An ecology of a New Guinean community
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1971
AuthorsClarke, WC
Number of Pagesxii, 265 pp.
Date Published1971
PublisherAustralian National University Press and University of California Press
CityCanberra and Berkeley
Keywordsslash and burn; taxonomy

This book provides a detailed look at Bomagai-Angoiang horticultural/agricultural production systems in New Guinea. Included are breakdowns of crop occurrence ratios, women's tasks, men's tasks, land distribution, village set-up, food preparation, population density, and shifting cultivation. Through a chronological approach this book shows the cycle of Bomagai-Angoiang production and the advantages and disadvantages swidden agriculture brings with it.


This book was published by ANU Press between 1965–1991.This republication is part of the digitisation project being carried out by Scholarly Information Services/Library and ANU Press.This project aims to make past scholarly works published by The Australian National University available to a global audience under its open-access policy.


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