The preservation of germplasm

TitleThe preservation of germplasm
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsPino, JA, Strauss, MS
EditorDavis, TJ, Schirmer, IA
Book TitleSustainability issues in agricultural development: Proceedings of the Seventh Agriculture Sector Symposium
Date Published1987
PublisherWorld Bank
CityWashington, DC
Call NumberS604.5.A35 1987
Keywordsagricultural conservation; agroforestry; aquatic resources; biodiversity; natural resource management

Some people consider germplasm to be the world's most valuable natural resource, yet its great value remains largely unrecognized. Long before people had any knowledge of the basis of heredity they applied selection pressures in propagating the plants and animals they domesticated. It is the manipulation of germplasm that has led to the development of agriculture and, thus, of human society. (author)


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