Promising agroforestry systems in Venezuela

TitlePromising agroforestry systems in Venezuela
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsEscalante, EE
JournalAgroforestry Systems
Date PublishedJune 1985
Keywordsagroforestry systems; browsing; coffee production; fodder trees; silvopastoral systems; Venezuela

The main agroforestry systems in Venezuela are the multispecies plant associations in integrated coffee production system and the silvopastoral system. This paper describes the functional and structural aspects of these systems. The multilayered coffee production systems are practised mainly in the premontane moist forest of the Andes region, but are also found in other areas of the country. Various tree species are used for shade and as fence in big coffee plantations, whereas in small units with traditional production pattern, coffee is planted along with many other species, often constituting a 3–4 layer canopy. Available data are presented on the production as well as some socioeconomic aspects. The silvopastoral systems are found in the tropical dry forest (savannas) and in the very dry tropical forest of the semiarid zones of the country. A large number of trees and shrubs are found in these pastoral areas where they play both productive (fodder and feed) and service (shelter) roles.

Although both these systems are practised over large areas of the country, practically no research has been done to improve them. In order to strengthen national capability to undertake such research, international support of cash and as well as technical advice is needed. (author)

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Agroforest Syst


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