Small-scale utilization of rattan by a Semai community in West Malaysia

TitleSmall-scale utilization of rattan by a Semai community in West Malaysia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsAvé, W
JournalEconomic Botany
Date PublishedJan.-March 1988
Keywordsaquatic resources; handcrafts; Malaysia; rattan

The role rattan plays in the life of a small Semai community in West Malaysia is discussed. Of the 24 rattan species occurring in the study area, four are frequently used for binding, house building, basketry, fish traps and snares, and other artifacts. These are briefly described and some illustrated. Some species are used for food, medicinal, and ritual purposes. The Semai have a profound knowledge of nature and have a good concept of rattan systematics that comes very close to scientific classification. Demand for rattan for commercial use threatens the rattan populations and has led to heavy depletion of some of the most useful species.

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ArticleType: research-article

Full publication date: Jan. - Mar., 1988

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