Traditional agriculture and plant pathology (TAPP) database [ASCII format for the Macintosh]

TitleTraditional agriculture and plant pathology (TAPP) database [ASCII format for the Macintosh]
Publication TypeSoftware
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsThurston, HD, Miller, NR
Date Published1990
PublisherCornell University Department of Plant Pathology
CityIthaca, NY
Keywordsagroforestry; biological control; crop density; diversity; fallow; fire; flooding; habitat selection; heat; hilling; minimum tillage; mixed gardens; mulching; multiple cropping; multistorey cropping; organic matter; pesticides; planting date; pruning; resistance; roguing; rotations; sanitation; seed treatment; selection; shade; sowing depth; storage; terraces; tillage; weeds

The authors' goal in developing this resource was to bring together as many as possible of the published materials on practices used by traditional farmers to manage plant diseases. The database in its present form is far from an exhaustive collection, and is an attempt to bring together the collective knowledge of several heretofore diverse disciplines. The authors hope that in doing so they have laid the groundwork for further collaboration among plant pathologists, social scientists, and othes with an interest in enhancing the vitality and viability of traditional farmers around the world.

Research Notes

CIKARD has outdated software containing the description and guide to the database for the Macintosh

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