Traditional agroforestry system in the Cordilleras (Ifugao)

TitleTraditional agroforestry system in the Cordilleras (Ifugao)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsFelipe, G
JournalLikasyaman (Technology Series)
Date PublishedApril-June 1988
KeywordsAcacia; coffee; traditional agroforestry

This short summary of a traditional agroforestry setup in Ifugao, Philippines, discusses qualitatively the advantages of using an indigenous shade tree with coffee for enhanced production. Coffee, introduced during Spanish occupation, is grown under raintree (Samanea caman) along with rattan vines (Calamus merrillii) which is in demand locally for the cottage industry. There is little to no exogenous technological influence in this system (except the introduction of coffee) because there is no pruning, fertilization or improved plant varieties of coffee. The author considers the system sustainable based on nutrient and water cycling advantages of raintree (a nitrogen fixer) particularly soil nutrient additions of litter fall. A brief ecological and socioeconomic descriptions of the region are included.