Traditional ecological knowledge: A collection of essays

TitleTraditional ecological knowledge: A collection of essays
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
Series EditorJohannes, RE (RE)
Secondary TitleIUCN conservation library
Number of Pages77
Date PublishedNovember 1989
CityGland [Switzerland]; Cambridge
Call NumberQH541.T69 1989 4th Paterno
Keywordsecology; natural conservation

IUCN is pleased to publish this collection of articles which originate from the working group on Traditional Ecological Knowledge of our Commission on Ecology. This book does not presume to be an authoritative review of the state of knowledge in the field. It is, rather, a collection of free essays which offer fascinating glimpses of the deep understanding and practice of "ecology" displayed by traditional societies on different continents. (editor)

Contains the following essays:

  • A parable of fire: Hunter-gatherers in Canada and Australia (Henry T. Lewis)
  • !Kung knowledge of animal behavior (Nicholas Blurton Jones and Melvin J. Konner)
  • Reasons for ethnobotanical conservation (Richard Evans Schultes)
  • Fishing and traditional knowledge (Robert E. Johannes)
  • Nature intensive agriculture: The food production system of Yap Islands (Marjorie V.C. Falanruw)
  • Doing what comes naturally: Ecological inventiveness in African rice farming (Paul Richards)
  • Traditional environmental knowledge and resource management in New Caledonia (Arthur Lyon Dahl)
  • Conclusion: Issues in the application of traditional knowledge to environmental science (Graham B. K. Baines)

November 1989
Includes bibliographical references (p. 71-77)

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Short TitleTraditional ecological knowledge