The Turkuna [sic Tukuna]

TitleThe Turkuna [sic Tukuna]
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1952
AuthorsNimuendajú, C
Secondary TitleUniversity of California publications; American archaeology and ethnology 45
Number of Pages21-24; 209 pp.
Date Published1952
PublisherUniversity of California Press
CityBerkeley, CA
Keywordsaquatic resources; subsistence agriculture; Ticuna; Tucuna Indians; Tukúna; Turkana

Agriculture and fishing are the principle sources of Turkuna economy. The slash and burn faming is usually done by a communal work party of men. The four crops of major importance are bitter manioc, sweet manioc, maize, and yam. Fishing is the principal occupation of the men, who are taught to fish at an early age. Most boys can provide the household with the fish required at age 9 or 10.


This record is for pages 21-24 "Subsistence" which discusses agriculture and fishing

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