Using indigenous organizations from West Kalimantan

TitleUsing indigenous organizations from West Kalimantan
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsColfer, CJP, Wadley, RL, Widjanarti, E
EditorBlunt, P, Warren, DM
Book TitleIndigenous organizations and development
Secondary TitleIT studies in indigenous knowledge and development
Date Published1996
PublisherIntermediate Technology Publications [Practical Action Publishing]
ISBN1-85339-321-5; 978-1-85339-321-1
Call NumberHC79.E44I53 1996
Keywordsbiodiversity; cooperatives; grassroots organizations; Indonesia

This document details the cooperative interactions of a conservation project with local people and their organizations. The project took place in the Danau Sentarum Wildlife Reserve in West Kalimantan, Indonesia where fishing and hunting are the main sources of subsistence.


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Book preface by Norman Thomas Uphoff

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