Weed management in agroecosystems: Ecological approaches

TitleWeed management in agroecosystems: Ecological approaches
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1988
Series EditorAltieri, MA, Liebman, M
Number of Pages354
Date Published1988
PublisherCRC Press, Inc.
CityBoca Raton, FL
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Keywordsagricultural ecology; agricultural systems; biological control; ecology; integrated control; tillage; weeds

Consists of table of contents and introduction.
The chapters of this book describe the physiological, population, and community ecology of weeds within agroecosystems, with the goal of recognizing details relevant for better weed management. Recognition of the germination, establishment, growth, and reproduction requirements of different weeds will allow identification of life stages that are particularly susceptible to attack. Recognition of the effects of different tillage and crop rotation systems will be present in a particular field at a particular point in time. Recognition of how crops, insects, and pathogens affect weed performance through resource competition, allelopathy, herbivory, and disease will suggest better ways to use these phenomena in integrated approaches to weed management. Recognition of how and when weeds affect crop performance through resource competition, allelopathy, and positive and negative interactions with crop insect and disease pests will provide insights into when and how thoroughly weed management tactics should be imposed.

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Short TitleWeed management in agroecosystems

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