The contribution of green buildings in the fight against COVID-19

TitleThe contribution of green buildings in the fight against COVID-19
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2020
Corporate AuthorsWorld Green Building Council
KeywordsChina; COVID-19; Green building

December 2019 saw an outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which has now spread widely around the world.

Prevention and control are key elements when facing major public health emergencies. To contain the epidemic, the areas for residents' activities are restricted to communities and remaining indoors. Therefore, as a gathering base for most people, buildings now play a significant role in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 virus. Community and building-based prevention and control measures have become one of the most important methods of fighting against the epidemic. These include self-isolation, community management, elevator disinfection, environmental cleaning, open windows for natural ventilation, etc.

Green building is a milestone in the building technology development process in China. The latest national standard of China for green building assessment is Assessment Standard for Green Building (GB/T 50378-2019) (hereinafter referred to as ASGB), which was issued in March 2019. ASGB adheres to the technical route of people-oriented, performance-based and quality-improved, while aiming at implementing the concept of green development and expanding the connotation of green buildings. GB/T 50378-2019 absorbs new technologies and new concepts in the development of building technology and takes into account the safety, durability, health, liveability and accessibility for occupants of all ages.