As Data Demand Surges, It’s Time to Invest in IT Infrastructure

TitleAs Data Demand Surges, It’s Time to Invest in IT Infrastructure
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMetcalf, J
KeywordsCOVID-19; IT Infrastructure

While most industries are suffering as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the data center industry is witnessing unprecedented need for growth. Across the globe, businesses and schools have pivoted to remote working and learning, and internet usage has skyrocketed. As this demand for data explodes, it’s become clear how vital data centers are to the economy. The question is no longer, do we need these facilities, but how fast can be bring more of them online?

The tech industry has taken the lead in moving data to cloud computing facilities to meet insatiable demand. But this moment represents another opportunity for other, often overlooked market segments to consider new data center solutions.

Two segments that could perhaps benefit the most are healthcare and education. These two industries that have traditionally focused primarily on investing their resources in their primary missions around patient care and students respectively, rather than investing in IT infrastructure. That needs to change.


Jackson Metcalf
Jackson is a design manager and a global leader in Gensler’s Critical Facilities practice, with a focus on leading critical facilities, commercial office buildings, and mixed-use projects. Jackson’s projects are noted for their sustainability — with four data centers receiving LEED Gold certification. He is based in Chicago. Contact him at