Designing Healthcare for Surge Capacity

TitleDesigning Healthcare for Surge Capacity
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGuillot, R, Crispino, J, Latimer, S
KeywordsCOVID-19; Design

The healthcare system in the U.S. is undergoing considerable stress due to an influx of patients infected with the novel coronavirus. Hospitals are facing a potential shortage of beds, and many are already overwhelmed. Scenario modeling shows that even optimistic projections point to a shortfall of available beds by a significant factor if the new coronavirus continues to spread and hospitals don’t expand capacity. Ultimately, this worldwide event will forever change how we design healthcare spaces and places.


Randy Guillot
Randy is a principal who serves as a global Health & Wellness leader at Gensler with a portfolio of work spanning across five continents. Projects under his design leadership are celebrated for their critical design success and enhanced access to healthy, dignified, optimistic, and engaging environments for all. Randy is based in Chicago. Contact him at

James Crispino
Jim is a global Health & Wellness leader at Gensler with more than 25 years of experience designing and planning innovative healthcare facilities, academic medical centers, and research spaces. His work investigates and synthesizes new technologies, activity- and behavior-based programs, and spatial models to create strategies and architectural typologies that further his clients' missions. Jim is based in New York. Contact him at

Scot Latimer
Scot is a principal and global Health & Wellness leader at Gensler. Scot uses his renowned strategic and business planning expertise to inform the design of health systems – hospital and physician networks – which deliver on the promise of population health with improved access and efficiency. He is based in Chicago. Contact him at