Alembert, J. d’.

“Discourse préliminaire des editeurs.” // IN: Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des mètiers, par une Société des gens de lettres. Mis en ordre & publié par M. Diderot; & quant à la partie mathématique, par M. D’Alembert … A Paris, chez Briasson, David, l’aîné, Le Breton, Durand. 1751-1765. Vol. 1 (1751):i-xlv.

C 87

Cockburn, C.

The works of Mrs. Catharine Cockburn, theological, moral, dramatic, and poetical. Several of them now first printed. Revised and published, with an account of the life of the author, by Thomas Birch … London, printed for J. and P. Knapton, 1751.

Contains: “A defence of Mr. Locke’s Essay of human understanding, wherein its principles, with reference to morality, revealed religion, and the immortality of the soul, are considered and justified: in answer to Some remarks on that Essay. First printed in the year 1702” (vol. 1:43-111); “A letter to Dr. Holdsworth, occasioned by his sermon before the University of Oxford, on Easter-Monday, concerning the resurrection of the same body. In which the passages that concern Mr. Locke, are chiefly considered. By the author of A defence of Mr. Locke’s Essay of human understanding; in answer to Some remarks on that Essay. Printed first in the year 1726” (vol. 1:113-153); “A vindication of Mr. Locke’s Christian principles, from the injurious imputations of Dr. Holdsworth. Now first published” (vol. 1:155-378) and “Remarks upon some writers in the controversy concerning the foundation of moral virtue and moral obligation; particularly the translator of Archbishop King’s Origin of evil and the author of The divine legation of Moses. To which are prefixed, Some cursory thoughts on the controversies concerning necessity, existence, the reality and infinity of space, the extension and place of spirits, and on Dr. Watts’s notion of substance. First printed in the year 1743” (vol. 1:379-455)

C 128; Y&Y 1751.1 [Vindication]

[Flemyng, M.]

A new critical examination of an important passage in Mr. Locke’s Essay on human understanding; in a familiar letter to a friend. To which is added, an extract from the fifth book of Anti-Lucretius, concerning the same subject; with a translation in prose … London: printed for Jacob Robinson. 1751. [2], 57, [1] p. 8o.

For Anti-Lucretius, a poem by Melchoir de Polignac, see entry in Chapter 10.

C 110; Y&Y 1751.2

[Kames, H., Lord.]

Essays on the principles of morality and natural religion. Edinburgh: printed by R. Fleming, for A. Kincaid and A. Donaldson. 1751. [6], 394 p. 8o.

See “Of the idea of self and of personal identity” (p. 231-236)


Prades, J.-M. de.

Apologie de Monsieur l’Abbé de Prades. A Amsterdam, chez Marc Michel Rey. 1753. 3 vols. 12o.

See 2e ptie, p. 3-23.


B[urgh], J.

The dignity of human nature. Or, A brief account of the certain and established means for attaining the true end of our existence. … In four books. I. Of prudence. II. Of knowledge. III. Of virtue. IV. Of revealed religion. By J.B. … London, printed by W.B. and sold by J. and P. Knapton …; J. Ward …; J. Whiston and B. White …; A. Millar …; and R. and J. Dodsley … 1754. xxii, [2], 430 p. 4o.


[Astruc, J.]

Dissertation sur l’immatérialité et l’immortalité de l’ame. Dissertation sur la liberté. Paris, 1755. 444 p.



Condillac, E. B. de.

An essay on the origin of human knowledge … – See entry for French edition (1746)

Sinsart, B.

Recueil de pensées diverses sur l’immaterialité de l’âme, son immortalité, sa liberté, & sa distinction d’avec le corps. Ou Réfutation du materialisme. Avec une reponse aux objections de Mr. Cuentz, et dé Lucrece le philosophe. Par D. B. Sinsart. … A Colmar, de l’imprimerie royale, 1756. [18], 376 p. 12o.

Includes a response to Cuentz, Essai d’un sistème nouveau concernant la nature des êtres spirituels … (1742) and to Polignac, Anti-Lucretius.

See p. 113-118, 189, 190, 195.


Mérian, J. B.

“Parallèle de deux principes de psychologie.” Par M. Merian. // IN: Mémoires de l’Académie royale des sciences et belles-lettres. Année 1757:375-391 [esp. 381]


Price, R.

A review of the principal questions and difficulties in morals; particularly those relating to the original of our ideas of virtue, its nature, foundation, reference to the diety, obligation, subject-matter, and sanctions. By Richard Price … London: printed for A. Millar. 1758. viii, 485, [3] p. 8o.

See “Of the original of our ideas in general …” (p. 18-58)

C 110

Modern edition: A review of the principal questions in morals / by Richard Price ; edited by D. Daiches Raphael. – Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1948. – The “Editor’s introduction” (p. ix-xlvii) contains a discussion of Price’s relation to Locke.


[Roche, A.-M.]

Traité de la nature de l’âme, et de l’origine de ses connoissances. Contre le système de Mr. Locke & de ses partisans. Paris, chez le veuve Lottin & J.H. Butard, Desaint et Saillant, 1759. 2 vols. 12o.

Edited by Pierre-Sébastien Gourlin.


C 109; Y&Y 1759.1

[Tiphaigne de la Roche, C. F.]

Bigarrures philosophiques. A Amsterdam & à Leipsick, chez Arkstée & Merkus. 1759.

See “Essai sur la nature de l’âme. 2, Doutes de M. Locke & de son école” (1. partie:121-123) and “Suite de l’essai sur la nature de l’âme. 2, Examen de quelques pensées de M. Locke” (2. partie:220-264)

Also included in: Les visions d’Ibraïm, philosophe arabe. … De M. Tiphaigne de la Roche. A Londres et à Paris, chez Saugrain & Lamy, 1779. See tome 1:115ff.


[Plocquet, G.]

Examen meletematum celeberrimi anglorum philosophi Lockii, de personalitate. Tübingen : Bauhof & Franckianis, 1760. 36 p.


Y&Y 1760.3 [“Ploucquet”]


Doddridge, P.

A course of lectures on the principal subjects in pneumatology, ethics, and divinity; with references to the most considerable authors on each subject … By the late Philip Doddridge. London, printed by assignment from the author’s widow, for J. Buckland, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, L. Hawes, W. Clarke and R. Collins [and 7 others in London], 1763. [18], 595, [7] p. 4o.

[Tucker, A.]

Freewill, foreknowledge, and fate. A fragment. By Edward Search, Esq; … London: printed for R. and J. Dodsley. 1763. xxxi, [1], 268 p. 8o.

Fragment (ch. 24 ff.) of: The light of nature pursued. By Edward Search, Esq. … London: printed by T. Jones; and sold by T. Payne, 1768. 3 vol. in 9. 8o. Vol. 3, published in 4 parts in 1777, also contains The posthumous works of Abraham Tucker, Esq. …; William Hazlitt published an abridgment: An abridgment of the Light of nature pursued / by Abraham Tucker, Esq. – London : printed for J. Johnson, 1807. – xlvii, 529 p.

C 110; Y&Y 1768.1; T 233 [1842 ed.]


Reid, T.

An inquiry into the human mind, on the principles of common sense. By Thomas Reid … Edinburgh: printed for A. Millar, London, and A. Kincaid & J. Bell, Edinburgh. 1764. xvi, 541, [1] p. 8o.

C 110; Y&Y 1764.2; T 225 [1804]


Crocker, T. H.

The complete dictionary of arts and sciences. In which the whole circle of human learning is explained, and the difficulties attending the acquisition of every art, whether liberal or mechanical, are removed, in the most easy and familiar manner. … The theological, philological, and critical branches, by Temple Henry Crocker … London: printed for the authors, and sold by J. Wilson & J.Fell; J. Fletcher & Co.; J. Coote; Mess. Fletcher & Hudson, Cambridge; and W. Smith & Co. Dublin. 1764-66.

See “Idea” (vol. 2(1765):sig.Zzz2)

Closely follows the article in Chambers, Cyclopædia (1728)

[Diderot, D.]

“Locke, Philosophie de.” // IN: Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, par une Société des gens de lettres. Mis en ordre & publié par M. Diderot; & quant à la partie mathématique, par M. D’Alembert … A Paris, chez Briasson, David, l’aîné, Le Breton, Durand. 1751-65. Tome 9 (1765):625-627.

Y&Y 1765.3

Reprinted in: A Locke miscellany … / edited by Jean S. Yolton (1990). – p. 254-260.

Leibniz, G. W.

“Nouveau essais sur l’entendement humain par l’auteur du Système de l’harmonie préetablie.” // IN: Oeuvres philosophiques latines & françoises de feu Mr. de Leibnitz. Tirées de ses manuscrits qui se conservent dans la Bibliothèque royale à Hanovre, et publié par Mr. Rud. Eric Raspe. Avec une préface de Mr. Kaestner … A Amsterdam et a Leipzig, chez Jean Schreuder. 1765. 4o. Pages 1-496.

This collections also contains: “Examen du sentiment du P. Malebranche que nous voyons tout en Dieu; contre J. Locke” [also called “Remarques sur le sentiment du P. Malebranche …”] (p. 497-504); this piece was written in ca. 1706.

Review: Allgemeine deutsche Bibliothek Band 3:2. Stück (1766):44-82.

Leibniz had an extended, albeit one-sided, dialogue with Locke’s Essay. His first encounter (probably with the epitome in Bibliothèque universelle [Locke #38]) resulted in “Réflexions de Mr. L------- sur l’Essay de l’entendement humain de Monsieur Locke” (written in 1695 but first published in 1708). He also drafted (in late 1698?) a review of the Locke-Stillingfleet controversy, first published in 1854. Leibniz tried (unsuccessfully) to interest Locke in further discussion of their differences. His first published response to Locke was in his review of Coste’s French translation of the Essay, published in Monatliche Auszug in 1700. Nouveaux essais was drafted during the first years of the 18th century; however, after Locke’s death, Leibniz lost interest, and the work was not published until 1765.

Nouveaux essais has been often reprinted and translated; the French text is most readily available in: Die philosophischen Schriften von Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz / herausgegeben von C.I. Gerhardt. – Berlin : Wiedmann, 1875-90. – Bd. 5, Leibniz und Locke (1882); the standard edition is: Nouveaux essais / Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz ; herausgegeben von der Leibniz-Forschungsstelle der Universität Münster. – Berlin : Akademie-Verlag, 1962. – (Sämtliche Schriften und Briefe. 6. Reihe, Philosophische Schrifter / Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz ; 6. Band). Both editions also contain the short pieces on Locke.

The first English translation was: New essays concerning human understanding / by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz ; together with an appendix consisting of some of his shorter pieces ; translated from the original Latin, French and German, with notes by Alfred Gideon Langley. – New York ; London : Macmillan, 1896. – xix, 861 p. – Translation of Gerhardt’s 1882 edition; the best English translation is: New essays on human understanding / G.W. Leibniz ; translated and edited by Peter Remnant and Jonathan Bennett. – Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1981. – xcvi, ca. 300 p. – See the review by G.M. Ross, LNL 12:116-126, the reply by Remnant and Bennett, and Ross’s response.

C 111, 114; Y&Y 1765.1-2, 1885.2, 1887.4, 1888.1; LNL 12:4


[Oswald, J.]

An appeal to common sense in behalf of religion. Edinburgh, printed for A. Kincaid and J. Bell, 1766. 390, [2] p. 8o.

Also: The second edition. London: printed for J. Hughs; and sold by J. Wilkie, 1768. 390 p. 8o.

C 131; Y&Y 1766.1


Le philosophe ignorant. 1766.

See Ch. 29-35 (p. 74-104)

C 109


[Tucker, A.]

The light of nature pursued. – See entry for Freewill, foreknowledge, and fate (1763)


[Law, E.]

A defence of Mr. Locke’s opinion concerning personal identity; in answer to the first part of a late essay on that subject. Cambridge: printed by J. Archdeacon for T. & J. Merrill, booksellers, in Cambridge; sold by J. Johnson, B. White, T. Payne, L. Davis & C. Reymers, J. Robson, and J. Murray, in London; D. Prince, and J. Fletcher, at Oxford. 1769. [2], 41, [1] p. 8o.

Answer to Part 1 of Butler, The analogy of religion (1736)

Reprinted in Locke’s Works (1777) [Locke #855] and in subsequent editions; and in Miscellaneous writings / Edmund Law. – Bristol : Thoemmes Press, 1997. – (The collected works of Edmund Law / edited and introduced by Victor Nuovo ; vol. 5). – Reprinted from Works (1794), vol. 2:299-320.

C 109; Y&Y 1769.1


Beattie, J.

An essay on the nature and immutability of truth; in opposition to sophistry and skepticism. By James Beattie … Edinburgh: printed for A. Kincaid & J. Bell. Sold at London, by E. & C. Dilly. 1770.

See esp. p. 244-248.

C 110

Castillon, J.-L.

“Descartes et Locke conciliés.” Par M. de Castillon. // IN: Nouveaux mémoires de l’Académie royale des sciences et belles-lettres (Berlin). A Berlin, chez Chréstien Fréderic Voss, 1772. Année 1770:277-282.

Y&Y 1770.1

Mérian, J.-B.

“Sur le problème de Molyneux.” Par M. Merian. // IN: Nouveaux mémoires de l’Académie Royale des sciences et belles-lettres (Berlin). Année 1770:258-267; année 1771:367-389; année 1772:414-428; année 1774:439-452; année 1775:414-427; année 1777:355-370; année 1779:343-351; année 1780:399-413.

Reprinted as: Sur le problème de Molyneux / J.-B. Mérian ; postface de Francine Markovits, “Diderot, Mérian et l’aveugle.” – Paris : Flamarion, c1984. – 298 p.


Monboddo, J., Ld.

Of the origin and progress of language. … Edinburgh: printed for A. Kincaid & W. Creech, Edinburgh; and T. Cadell, … London. MDCCLXXII[-M.DCC.XCII] [1773-92]. 6 vols.


Priestley, J.

An examination of Dr. Reid’s Inquiry into the human mind on the principles of common sense, Dr. Beattie’s Essay on the nature and immutability of truth, and Dr. Oswald’s Appeal to common sense in behalf of religion. By Joseph Priestley … London: printed for J. Johnson. 1774. lxi, [3], 371, [3] p. 8o.

C 110


[Applegarth, R.]

A theological survey of the human understanding. Intended as an antidote against modern deism. Salisbury: printed for the author by J. Hodson; and sold by Wallis and Stonehouse, London. 1776. [6], 276 p. 8o.

See “A psychological stricture” (p. 247-276)

Y&Y 1776.1


[Law, E.]

“An analysis of Mr. Locke’s doctrine of ideas in his Essay on human understanding.” // IN: The works of John Locke (1777). Vol. 1, folded table.

Reprinted in subsequent editions; and in Miscellaneous writings / Edmund Law. – Bristol : Thoemmes Press, 1997. – (The collected works of Edmund Law / edited and introduced by Victor Nuovo ; vol. 5). – Reprinted from Works (1794), vol. 1.

Tetens, J. N.

Philosophische Versuche über die menschliche Natur und ihre Entwicklung. Von Johann Nicolas Tetens … Leipzig, bey M.G. Weidmanns Erben und Reich, 1777.

See Band 1:337-338, on the Leibniz-Locke debate on innate ideas.


Mayne, J.

Dissertação sobre a alma racional, onde se mostrão os sólidos fundamentos da sua immortalidade, e se refutão os erros dos materialistas antigos, e modernos. Dedicado a el rei D. Pedro III. nosso senhor. Escrita pelo padre Fr. José Mayne … Lisboa, na Regia Officina Typografica. Anno 1778. [8], xx, 118 p. 4o.

See esp. p. 23-26.


[Barwis, J.]

Dialogues concerning innate principles. Containing an examination of Mr. Locke’s doctrine on that subject. By the author of Three dialogues concerning liberty … London: printed for J. Dodsley; J. Sewell; and W. Fox. 1779. [4], 99, [1] p. 8o.

C 110 [Anon.]; Y&Y 1779.1


[Aguesseau, H. F. d’.]

Méditations philosophiques sur l’origine de la justice. Verdon, 1780. 4 vols.

Contains a critique of Locke on innate ideas.

Unverified; source: Bonno 1948; NUC


Gifford, R.

Outlines of an answer to Dr. Priestley’s Disquisitions relating to matter and spirit. By Richard Gifford … London: printed for T. Cadel …, 1781. viii, 128 p. 8o.

See esp. p.17-19, 77-84.


[Wesley, J.]

“Remarks upon Mr. Locke’s Essay on human understanding .” // IN: The Armenian magazine for the year 1782. Vol. 5: 27-30, 85-88, 144-146, 190-195, 247-249, 307-310, 361-363, 413-417, 476-478, 528-534, 585-587, 646-648; vol. 6:30-31, 86-89, 136-138, 197-199, 254-256, 310-312, 366-368, 418-420, 480-484, 534-536, 590-594, 650-652; vol. 7:32-33, 91-92, 148-149, 201-202, 254-256, 314-316.

Some items have title: “Extracts from Locke of human understanding, with brief remarks.”

A [317]



Mémoires de M. de Voltaire, écrits par lui-même. A Londres: chez Robinson. 1784. 8o.

See p. 52-54.

English translation: Memoirs of the life of Voltaire. Written by himself. Translated from the French. London: printed for G. Robinson. 1784. 8o. See p. 61-62.

C 109


Reid, T.

Essays on the intellectual powers of man. By Thomas Reid … Edinburgh: printed for John Bell, and G.G.J. & J. Robinson, London. 1785. xii, 766, [2] p. 4o.

See “Of the sentiments of Mr. Locke” [on perception] (p. 143-156), “Mr. Locke’s account of the origin of our ideas, and particularly of the idea of duration” (p. 322-331), “Of Mr. Locke’s account of our personal identity” (p. 332-337), “Sentiments of philosophers concerning judgment” (p. 532-554) and “Whether morality be capable of demonstration” (p. 678-688)

LNL 6:25; Y&Y 1785.1


Tooke, J. H.

Epea pteroenta. Or, The diversions of Purley. By John Horne Tooke … London: printed for J. Johnson, 1786-1805. 2 vol. 8o.

See “Some considerations of Mr. Locke’s Essay” (vol. 1:30-43)

C 110; Y&Y 1786.1


Belchier, W.

Essays on various subjects, critical and moral. … By William Belchier, Esq. … London: printed for R. Jameson. 1787.

See “A review of Locke’s denial of innate ideas, &c.” (vol. 1:1-130. 8o.); includes appendices on Beattie (p. 103-115) and Shaftesbury (p. 116-130)


Reid, T.

Essays on the active powers of man. By Thomas Reid … Edinburgh: printed for John Bell, and G.G.J. & J. Robinson, London. 1788. [3], vi-vii, [1], 493, [3] p. 4o.

See “Of Mr. Locke’s account of our idea of power” (p. 22-26)

LNL 6:25


Belsham, W.

Essays, philosophical, historical, and literary. … London: printed for C. Dilly … 1789.

See XV, “Remarks on the XXI. Chapter of Locke’s Essay on human understanding” (p. 272-286)

Also published: … By W. Belsham. London: printed for G.G. and J. Robinson … 1799. See vol. 1, Essay 2 (p. 17-31)

T 179 [1799]

Cooper, T.

Tracts ethical, theological and political: By Thomas Cooper, Esq. Vol. 1. Warrington: printed by W. Eyres, for J. Johnson … London, 1789. 8o.

See “Of identity” (p. 305-464)

Eberhard, J. A.

“Über die Schranken der menschlichen Erkenntnis.” // IN: Philosophisches Magazin. Herausgegeben von Johann August Eberhard. – 1. Band (1789):9-29.

On the sources of Kant’s epistemology.


[Costa, F. J. da.]

“Discurso sobre o punto se à materia repugna o pensar?” = [Whether thinking is repugnant to matter]. // IN: Sessões literarios dos Alumnos da Academia dos Obsequiosos da Lugar de Sacavém. Vol. 2 (1790):175-183.

Reprinted as Appendix E (p. 207-212) to the introduction to “Ensaio philosóphico sobre o entendimento humano (1951) [Locke #429]


Y&Y 1790.1, 1951.7

Kaestner, A. G.

“Über die geometrischen Axiome.” … Von A.G. Kaestner. // IN: Philosophisches Magazin. Herausgegeben von Johann August Eberhard. 2. Band (1790):420-430.

Ludlam, T.

Logical tracts, comprising observations and essays illustrative of Mr. Locke’s treatise upon the human understanding: with ocasional remarks on the writings of the two Scottish professors, Reid and Stewart, upon the same subject: and a preface in vindication of Mr. Locke, against the mistakes and misrepresentations of the late Mr. Milner of Hull, Dr. Horne, Bishop of Norwitch; Mr. Kett, fellow of Trinity College, Oxford; and Dr. Napleton, Canon of Hereford. By Thomas Ludlam … Cambridge, printed by M. Watson: for J. Nicolson; sold also by Rivingtons, London; Cooke, Oxford; and Gregory, Leicester. [1790]. 77, [1] p. 8o.

C 110-111; Y&Y 1790.2; T 213


Enfield, W.

The history of philosophy, from the earliest times to the beginning of the present century; drawn up from Brucker's Historia critica philosophiae. By William Enfield … London: printed for J. Johnson. 1791.

See vol. 2:582-586.

Based on Brucker, Kurze Fragen aus der philosophischen Historie (1736)

Reinhold, K. L.

Ueber das Fundament des philosophischen Wissens. Von C.L. Reinhold. Nebst einigen Erläuterungen über die Theorie des Vorstellungsvermögens. Jena, bey Johann Michael Mauke, 1791. xviii, 138 p. 8o.


Mellring, J. G. & Enhörning, P. M.

Specimen academicum, sistens merita Joh. Lockii in philosophiam. Quod venia ampliss. ord. phil. ups. publice proponunt Mag. Joh. Gust. Mellring … et Petrus Magn. Enhörning … in audit. gust. maj. d. XXXI martii MDCCXCII. Upsaliæ, typis Viduæ Direct. Joh. Edman, [1792]. 8 p. 4o.


Morell, T.

Notes and annotations on Locke on the human understanding, written by order of the Queen; corresponding in section and page with the edition of 1793. By Thomas Morell … London: printed for G. Sael. 1794. iv, 125, [3] p. 8o.

C 111; Y&Y 1794.1


Tennemann, W. G.

“Abhandlung über den Empirismus in der Philosophie vorzüglich den Lockischen.” // IN: Locke’s Versuch über den menschlichen Verstand. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt mit einigen Anmerkungen und einer Abhandlung über den Empirismus in der Philosophie von D. Wilhelm Gottlieb Tennemann (1795-97). Vol. 3 (1797):420-470.

C 111


[Jones, W.]

A letter to the Church of England, pointing out some popular errors of bad consequence. By an old friend and servant of the Church … London, printed for J. Hatcherd; and J. Wright. 1798. 35, [1] p. 8o.

See p. 30-31 (an attack on the Essay)