Rabelais, F.

The first [-fifth] book of the works of Mr. Francis Rabelais … London, printed for Richard Baddeley. 1653. [vol. 1-2] 8o. London, printed for Richard Baldwin. 1693-94. [vol. 3-5] 12o.

Translation by Sir Thomas Urqhart [vols. 1-2] and Peter Motteux [vols. 3-5]

Wing R105 etc.; C 125


Montaigne, M. de.

Les essais de Michel, seigneur de Montaigne. Nouvelle édition exactement purgée des defauts des precedentes, selon le vray original: … A Lyon, chez André Olyer, 1669. 3 vol. 12o.

First published in 1580; Locke owned a copy of the 1669 edition.

English translation: The essayes, or Morall, politike and millitarie discourses of Lo: Michaell de Montaigne … First written by him in French. And now done into English by … John Florio. Printed at London by Val. Sims for Edward Blount. 1603. [20], 664, [4] p. 2o. Locke owned a copy of this translation.

H&L 2029, 2029a; STC 18041; C 125


Basnage de Beauval, J.

De l’education des enfans” [review]. // IN: Histoire des ouvrages des savans, par Mr. B**** Tome 11 (1694/95):435-442.

Review of Locke, De l’education des enfans (1695) [Locke #577] by Jacques[?] Basnage de Beauval.

C 57


Edwards, J.

A brief vindication of the fundamental articles of the Christian faith, as also of the clergy, universities and publick schools, from Mr. Lock’s reflections upon them in his book of education &c. – See entry in Chapter 5.


Olearius, G.

“Vorrede.” // IN: Herrn Johann Locks Unterricht von Erziehung der Kinder, aus dem Englischen … übersetzt [von Gottfried Olearius]. Mit einigen Anmerckungen und einer Vorrede. [Locke #601]


Steele, R.

The guardian. Numb. 1 (March 12, 1713)-Numb. 175 (October 1, 1713). London: printed by J. Tonson; and sold by A. Baldwin. 1713.

By Addison, Steele and others; no. 94 (June 29, 1713) contains an essay on education by Steele, which is based on Locke (among others); other essays cite Locke’s opinions on education.

C 123


Clarke, J.

An essay upon the education of youth in grammar-schools. … By John Clarke … London: printed for John Wyat. 1720. 132 p. 12o.

Includes extensive quotations from Some thoughts (p. 49-56, 71-79)


Le Clerc, J.

De l’éducation des enfans …” [review]. // IN: Bibliotheque ancienne et moderne. Pour servir de suite aux Bibliothèques universelle et choisie. Par Jean Le Clerc. Tome 15 (1721):449-452.

Review of Locke, De l’education des enfans (1721) [Locke #582]

Lefebvre, T.

A compendious way of teaching the learned languages, and some of the liberal sciences at the same time; us’d formerly by Tanaquil Faber, in teaching one of his sons, and the famous Madam Dacier, his daughter. Done out of French. And (with some alteration) lately try’d in London successfully, on a youth now a student in a celebrated university … To which is annex’d, Mr. Locke’s judgment of Latin exercises. Printed in London, 1721. [2], 98 p. 8o.

Dedication signed: J.T. Philipps [the translator]

See “Mr. Locke’s judgment on Latin exercises” [quotations from Some thoughts] (p. 89-94)

Also: (1) The second edition … London, printed by J. Downing, for the author, 1723. [6], iii-iv, 182 p. 8o; (2) The third edition very much enlarg’d. By J.T. Philipps … London, printed for W. Meadows. 1728; (4) The fourth edition … London, printed for W. Meadows. 1750.


Crousaz, J. P. de.

Traité de l’éducation des enfans. Par J.P. de Crousaz … A La Haye, chez les fr. Vaillant & Prevost, 1722. 2 vols. 12o.

C 126


Rollin, C.

De la manière d’enseigner et d’étudier les belles lettres, par rapport à l’esprit & au coeur. Par M. Rollin … A Paris, chez J. Estienne, 1726-28. 4 vols.

An English translation of Part I included in editions of Some thoughts in 1737 [Locke #534] and 1738 [Locke #536]; an Italian translation in Italian editions in 1782 [Locke #614] and 1792 [Locke #615].


Clarke, J.

An essay upon study. Wherein directions are given for the due conduct thereof, and the collection of a library, proper for the purpose, consisting of the choicest books in all the several parts of learning. By John Clarke … London: printed for Arthur Bettesworth. 1731. vi, 350 p. 12o.

Includes extensive quotations from The conduct of the understanding (p. 28-35)


Doddridge, P.

Sermons on the religious education of children preached at Northampton. By P. Doddridge. With a recomendatory preface by the Reverend Mr. D. Some. London: printed for R. Hett, 1732. xvi, 152 p. 16o.


Mendonca, M. de.

Apontamentos para a educação de hum menino nobre, que para seu uso particular fazia Martinho de Mendonça … Lisboa Occidental, na officino de Joseph Antonio Da Sylva, 1734.

Reprinted in Gomes, Martinho de Mendonça e a sua obra pedagógica

For Mendonça’s debt to Locke, see Gomes [1964] (p. 217ff.) and Gomes, “L’influence de John Locke chez le pédagogue portugais Martinho de Mendonça” (1965)



[Richardson, S.]

Pamela, or Virtue rewarded … London: printed for C. Rivington; and J. Osborn. 1741-42. 12o.

See letters 50-58, 62 (vol. 4:303-387, 412-417)

C 123; Y&Y 1741.1


Turnbull, G.

Observations upon liberal education, in all its branches: … By George Turnbull … London: printed for A. Millar. 1742. xxv, [5], 464 p. 8o.


[Barclay, J.]

A treatise on education: or, An easy method of acquiring language, and introducing children to the knowledge of history, geography, mythology, antiquities, &c. … Edinburgh: printed by James Cochran and Company. Sold by A. Symmer, and other booksellers; and by the author. 1743. vii, [1], 240 p. 12o.

Includes quotations from Some thoughts (p. 44-46, 89-94, 103-106)


[Fordyce, D.]

Dialogues concerning education. … London: printed in the year 1745-48. 2 vols. 8o.


[Böldicke, J.]

Methodus Lockio-Baratieriana: das ist ein Vorschlag, durch Hilfe des Spielens, der Musik, Poesie und anderer Ergötzlichkeiten: abermaliger Versuch einer Theodicee, darin von dem Ursprunge des Bösen in der besten Welt. … Wodurch man die wichtigsten Wahrheiten vortragen kann, zum Ruhme des Schöpfers binnen zwölf Jahren zehn zornehme Kinder so zu erziehen, dass sie im 15 Jahre die deutsche, lateinische, französische, italienische und englische Sprache verstehen, auch die wichtigsten Wahrheiten der Weltweisheit erweisen können. Berlin & Leipzig, 1746-51.


C 123; Y&Y 1746.1

[Verney, L. A.]

Verdadeiro metodo de estudar, para ser util à republica, e à igreja: proporcionado ao estilo, e necesidade de Portugal. Exposto em varias cartas … Valensa, na officina de Antonio Balle, ano 1746. 2 vol.

Another edition, organizada pelo prof. António Salgado Júnior. – Lisboa : Livraria Sá da Costa, 1949-52. – 5 vols. – (Colecção do clássicos Sá da Costa). – The "prefácio" to each volume discusses Locke’s influence on Portugal and on Verney.


[Franklin, B.]

Proposals relating to the education of youth in Pensilvania. Philadelphia: printed in the year, 1749. 32 p. 8o.

Includes quotations from Some thoughts.

Evans 6321


Sheridan, T.

British education: or, The source of the disorders of Great Britain. … By Thomas Sheridan, A.M. Dublin: printed by George Faulkner. 1756. xxvi, 392 p. 12o.


Ballexserd, J.

Dissertation sur l’education physique des enfans, depuis leur naissance jusqu’à l’âge de puberté. … Par M. Ballexserd … A Paris, chez Vallet-la-Chapelle. 1762. [8], 238, [10] p. 8o.

Italian translation: Dissertazione sull’educazione fisica de’ fanciulli dalla loro nascita fino alla pubertà. … De Sign. Balexserd, cittadino di Givevra. Tradotta dal francese. Napoli, a spese di G. Gravier e nipote, 1763. xxxii, 221, [3] p. 8o.

C 126 [“Ballexferd”]

Rousseau, J.-J.

Émile, ou De l’éducation. Par J.J. Rousseau … A Amsterdam: chez Jean Néaulme, libraire. 1762. 4 vols. 12o.

C 126


La Chalotais, L. R. de.

Essai d’éducation nationale, ou Plan d’études pour la jeunesse, par Messire Louis-René de Caradeuc de la Chalotais … 1763. [4], 152, [2] p. 12o.

C 126


[Hurd, R.]

Dialogues on the uses of foreign travel; considered as part of an English gentleman’s education: between Lord Shaftesbury and Mr. Locke. By the editor of Moral and political dialogues … London, printed by W.B. for A. Millar; and W. Thurlbourn and J. Woodyer, in Cambridge. 1764. [4], 201, [1] p. 8o.

Fictitious dialogue.

French translation: (1) Dialogues entre Lord Shaftesbury et M. Locke, sur quelques points essentiels à l’éducation de la jeunesse, pour servir de suite au traité du dernier sur l’éducation des enfans. Traduits de l’anglois. … Yverdon, 1765. xxviij, 172 p. 8o; and (2) Dialogues sur les mœurs des anglois, et sur les voyages considerés comme faiasnt [sic] partie de l’éducation de la jeunesse. Traduit de l’anglois. … A Londre, et se trouve à Paris, chez Barthelemi Hochereau, le jeune. 1765. xxvi, 194 p. 12o.

C 123 [Anon.]; Y&Y 1764.1; T 202


[Cajot, J.-J.]

Les plagiats de M. J.J.R. de Genève sur l’éducation … A la Haye, et se trouve à Paris, chez Durand, 1766.

See Ch. 5, “Des connoissances que M. Rousseau a prises dans les livres de Locke, avec l’analyse d’un traité d’education par Mapphée Vegge” (p. 159-199)

C 126 [“Cajet”]; Y&Y 1778.1 [sic]


Watts, I.

A treatise on the education of children and youth. By I. Watts … The second edition. London: printed for J. Buckland and T. Longman; E. and C. Dilly; and T. Field. 1769. [6], 204 p. 12o.

Extracted from Watts, The improvement of the mind (1741)


Whitchurch, J. W.

An essay upon education. By James Wadham Whitchurch … London, printed for T. Becket, and P.A. DeHondt. 1772. [4], 220 p. 8o.


Rousseau, J.-J.

“Projet pour l’éducation de Monsieur. de Sainte-Marie.” // IN: Supplément à la Collection complète des œuvres de J.J. Rousseau. A Genève. 1782. Suppléement. Tome 2 = Tome 24:1-24 [4o ed.]; Supplément. Tome 3 = Tome 27:1-36 [8o ed.]; Supplément. Tome 3 = Tome 28:71-106 [12o ed.]

Reprinted (“textes établis et annoté par John S. Spink”) in: Œuvres complètes / Jean-Jacques Rousseau. – [Paris] : Gallimard, 1959-69. – tome 4 (1969):33-51. – This volume also contains another version of Rousseau’s project (“Mémoire présenté à Monsieur de Mably sur l’éducation de Monsieur son fils”: p.1-32) and an introduction by the editor (“Projets d’éducation”: p. xviii-xli)

C 126


Williams, D.

Lectures on education. Read to a society for promoting reasonable and humane improvements in the discipline and instruction of youth. By the Rev. David Williams. London: printed by John Bell. 1789. 3 vols. 8o.


Trimmer, S.

“Introduction : containing observations on the instruction of children and youth from the time of the Reformation …” // IN: The guardian of education / conducted by Mrs. Trimmer. – 1 (1802):1-16 [esp. 8-9]


[Hoare, L.]

Hints for the improvement of early education and nursery discipline … – London : printed for J. Hatchard, 1819. – 188 p.

Includes quotations from Some thoughts.


[Smith, S.]

“Hamilton’s method of teaching languages.” // IN: Edinburgh review. – 44 (1826):47-69.

Review of James Hamilton’s The Gospel of St.John …



The London University Press: or, Remarks upon a late publication, entitled A popular system of classical instruction, combining the methods of Locke, Ascham, Milton, &c. – Bath : John Upham, 1828. – 20 p.

Remarks on An essay on a system of classical instruction (1829)

C 124


[Darley, G.]

An essay on a system of classical instruction : combining the methods of Locke, Milton, Ascham and Colet : the whole system being designed to exhibit a restoration of the primitive mode of scholastic tuition in England, disembarrassed of its modern abuses … – London : printed for J. Taylor, 1829. – [4], 129, [1] p.

Also: 2nd ed., 1837. [unverified]

See remarks in The London University Press (1828)

Y&Y 1829.2



The odes of Anacreon : with a literal interlinear translation, on the plan recommended by Mr. Locke : accompanied by illustrative notes. – 2nd ed. – London : printed for John Taylor, 1830. – [4], viii, 93 p.

One of a series of texts, advertised as “Mr. Locke’s system of classical instruction” (Darley’s Essay served as a prospectus and introduction to the series); the series includes Latin works such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Tacitus’ Agricola and Greek works such as selections from Lucian and Herodotus, all published with interlinear translations after the manner of Locke’s Æsop. The project is described by C. A. Stray, “ ‘Locke’s system of classical instruction’ (1827-  )” (1991)



Some thoughts concerning education, by John Locke.” // IN: The schoolmaster : essays on practical education : selected from the works of Ascham, Milton, Locke, and Butler : from the Quarterly journal of education and from lectures delivered before the American Institute of Instruction. – London : C. Knight, 1836. – vol. 1:122-158.

An analysis of Some thoughts.

C 124; Y&Y 1936.2