Collins, A.

A discourse of free-thinking, occasion’d by the rise and growth of a sect call’d free-thinkers … London, printed in the year 1713. vii, 149, [1] p. 8o.

Reprinted with Collins, An essay concerning the use of reason … (1707): New York : Garland, 1984. – (The philosophy of John Locke)

Whiston, W.

Reflections on an anonymous pamphlet, entituled, A discourse of free thinking. By William Whiston … London: printed for the author; and sold by A. Baldwin. 1713. 55, [1] p. 8o.

See Postscript, p. 55; exonorates Locke from the charge of freethinking.

C 129


Coole, B.

Some brief observations on the Paraphrase and notes of the judicious John Locke: relating to the women’s exercising their spiritual gifts in the church. London: printed and sold by Philip Gwillim, 1714. [6], 28 p. 8o.

Preface signed: “B. Coole. Bristol, 19th 6th month, 1714.”

Includes extensive quotation of Locke on I Corinthians 11 (p. 4-21)

Also: The second edition. London: printed and sold by Philip Gwillim. 1716. [1714 ed. not verified].

Y&Y 1716.1

Halyburton, T.

Natural religion insufficient; and reveal’d necessary to man’s happiness in his present state: or, A rational enquiry into the principles of the modern Deists: … By the late Reverend Mr. Thomas Halyburton … Edinburgh, printed by the heirs and successors of Andrew Anderson, 1714. [8], 32, 31, [1], 232, 163 p. 4o.


Le Clerc, J.

Le Christianisme raisonnable …” [review]. // IN: Bibliothèque ancienne et moderne. Pour servir de suite aux Bibliothèques universelle et choisie. Par Jean Le Clerc. Tome 4 (1715):230-232.

Review of the 1715 ed. of the French translation of Reasonableness [Locke #659]


Martin, J.

A letter to the author of Some brief observations on the Paraphrase and notes of the judicious John Locke, relating to the womens exercising their spiritual gifts in the church. London: printed in the year, 1716. 32 p. 8o.

Signed: “London, the 22d of the 3d mon. 1716. J. Martin.”

Reply to B. Coole, Some brief observations … (1714)

Reprinted in The reception of Locke’s politics / edited by Mark Goldie (1999). – vol. 5:129-142.


Coole, B.

Reflections on a letter to the author of Some brief observations on the Paraphrase and notes of the judicious John Lock, &c. By Benjamin Coole. London: printed by Philip Gwillim …, 1717. 80 p. 8o.

Martin, J.

A vindication of women’s preaching, as well from Holy Scripture and antient writings, as from the Paraphrase and notes of the judicious John Locke, on I Cor. xi. Wherein the brief observations of B.C[oole]. on the said Paraphrase and notes, and the arguments in his book, intitled, Reflections, &c. are fully consider’d. By Josiah Martin. … London, Printed and sold by the assigns of J. Sowle, 1717. [6], 128 p. 8o.

C 77; Y&Y 1717.1


Limborch, P. van.

Philippus van Limborchs Vriendelyke onderhandeling met een geleerden Jood, over de waarheid van een Christelyken godsdienst … T’Amsterdam: by Pieter Visser, 1723.

See “Kort verhael wegens de bekeering van eene juffrou die genegen zynde om joodsch te worden, weder tot een christelyken godsdienst gebragt is; getrokken uit een brief, door den Heere Philippus van Limborch geschreven aen den Heere Joannes Lock” (p.721-736)


[Barrington, J. S.]

Miscellanea sacra: or, A new method of considering so much of the history of the Apostles, as is contained in Scripture: … London, printed for S. Chandler, 1725. 2 vols. 8o.

Also: A new edition, with large additions and corrections. London, printed by W. Bowyer and J. Nichols: sold by B. White. 1770. 3 vols. 8o.; also published as vols. 1-2 of The theological works of the first Viscount Barrington … – London : C. & J. Rivington, 1828.

C 77

Blackwall, A.

The sacred classics defended and illustrated: or, An essay humbly offer’d towards proving the purity, propriety, and true eloquence of the writers of the New Testament. … By A. Blackwall, M.A. London: printed by J Betterham, for C. Rivington, and W. Cantrell bookseller in Derby. 1725. [8], 372, [16] p. 4o.

[Peirce, J.]

A paraphrase and notes on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians. With an appendix upon Ephes. IV.8. London: printed for J. Noon …; and S. Chandler … 1725. vi, 76 p. 4o.


Gretton, P.

A review of the argument à priori in relation to the being and attributes of God: in reply to Dr. Clarke’s Answer to a Seventh letter concerning that agrument, printed at the end of the last edition of his Boyleian lectures. With some extracts from the letters of Mr. Locke, concerning the same. … By Phillips Gretton … London, printed for Bernard Lintot, … M.DCC.XXVI [1726]. xv, [1], 112 p. 8o.

See “Extracts from the Familiar letters between Mr. Locke and his friends. Relating to a debate concerning the argument a priori, with respect to the divine unity” (p. 98-112)

C 129; [Y 349]


Peirce, J.

A paraphrase and notes on the Epistles of St. Paul to the Colossians, Philippians, and Hebrews: after the manner of Mr. Locke. To which are annexed several critical dissertations on particular texts of scripture. By the late reverend and learned Mr. James Peirce … London: printed for J. Noon; and J. Chandler. 1727. vi, 76, viii, 116, iv, 194, 64 p. 4o.

Also: The second edition. … With a paraphrase and notes on the three last chapters of the Hebrews left unfinish’d by Mr. Peirce; and an essay to discover the author of the epistle and the language in which it was originally written. By Joseph Hallett Jun. London: printed for J. Noon. 1733. 4o.

C 77


Addison, J.

The evidences of the Christian religion, by the Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq; … With a preface, containing the sentiments of Mr. Boyle, Mr. Lock, and Sir Isaac Newton, concerning the Gospel-revelation. London: printed for J. Tonson. 1730. xxvi, [2], 330 p. 12o.

Locke cited on p. xii-xx of the preface.

Reprinted in: A collection of theological tracts in six volumes. By Richard Watson … Cambridge: printed by J. Archdeacon for J. & J. Merrill, Cambridge; T. Evans, London; and J. & J. Fletcher, Oxford. 1785. 8o. Vol. 5:76-102.

C 129; Y&Y 1763.1; T 171 [ca. 1790]

[Gibson, E.]

The Bishop of London’s Second pastoral letter to the people of his Diocese; particularly, to those of the two great cities of London and Westminster. Occasion’d by some late writings, in which it is asserted, “That reason is a sufficient guide in matters of religion, without the help of revelation.[”] London: printed for Sam. Buckley. 1730. [2], 80 p. 8o.

See p. 5-6.



The Infidel convicted: or, A brief defence of the Christian Revelation. In which the excellency of the Christian morality is fully shewn, and the consistency of revelation with human reason proved. Corroborated by unanswerable arguments from Mr. Locke, on whose writings many persons causelessly profess to build their sceptical notions. London: printed for J. Roberts. 1731. [2], 62 p. 8o.

C 129; Y&Y 1731.1



The judgment of Dr. Thomas Burnet … concerning the doctrine of the Trinity: and the judgment of Dr. Samuel Clarke … With a preface, concerning Mr. Lock, Sir Isaac Newton, and Mr. Wollaston. London: printed for J. Roberts. 1732. [2], xxx, 43, [1] p. 8o.

See p. ii-xii of the preface.

C 129; Y&Y 1732.1

Conybeare, J.

A defence of reveal’d religion against the exceptions of a late writer, in his book, intituled, Christianity as old as creation, &c. By John Conybeare … London: printed for S. Wilmot, bookseller in Oxford: and sold by James and John Knapton, R. Knaplock, W. Innys, J. Astley, J. Crownfield [and 4 others], booksellers in London. 1732. [8], 467, [5] p. 8o.

See esp. p. 231-239, 319-321.

C 130; Y&Y 1732.2

Gotter, F. G.

Dissertatio inauguralis de obscuritate epistolis Paulli falso tributa potissimum Io. Lockio opposita quam Deo Trinuno adivvante. … Praeside viro summe venerabili Ioanne Georgio Walchio … Publico examini eruditorum exponet auctor Frider. Gotthelf. Gotterus … Ienæ, Litteris Petri Fickelscherrii [1732]. [4], 43, [1] p. 4o.


[Benson, G.]

A paraphrase and notes on the Epistles of St. Paul to Philemon, 1st Thessalonians, IId Thessalonians, Ist Timothy, Titus, IId Timothy. Attempted in imitation of Mr. Locke’s manner. To which are annexed, critical dissertations on several subjects, for the better understanding of St. Paul’s Epistles. London: printed for Richard Ford. 1734. [4], 38, [6], 78, [2], 64, 126, [2], 106, [2], 147, [1] p. 4o.

Each set of paraphrase and notes was originally issued separately, in 1731, 1731, 1732, 1733, 1733 and 1734 respectively; Benson published a continuation in 1749.


Schulemann, Z. D.

Dissertatio theologica de statu integritatis, quem Ioannis Lockii Christianismus rationabilis tradit. [25 August 1736. Praeces, Johann Christian Burgmann; respondent, Zacharias David Schulemann]. Rostock : J.J. Adler, 1736. [4], 35, [1] p. 4o.



Warburton, W.

“To the free-thinkers.” // IN: The divine legation of Moses demonstrated, on the principles of a religious Deist, from the omission of the doctrine of a future state of reward and punishment in the Jewish dispensation. In six books. By William Warburton … London: printed for Fletcher Gyles, 1738. – p. i-xliv [esp. xxii-xxiv]


Doddridge, P.

The family expositor: or, A paraphrase and version of the New Testament: with criticam notes, and a practical improvement of each section … By P. Doddridge. London: printed and sold by J. Waugh and W. Fenner, 1739-56. 6 vols.

Unverified; source: Wainwright.


Wolf, J. C.

Jo. Christophori Wolfii … Curæ philologicæ et criticæ. Tomus III. In IV. priores S. Pauli Epistolas, quibus integritati contextus Græci consulitur, sensus verborum ex præsidiis exegeticis illustratur diversæ interpretum sententiæ enarrantur, et modesto examini subjectæ vel approbantur vel repelluntur. Accedit, appendicis loco, examen locorum aliquot Paulinorum a L.M. Artemonio nuper temere et infeliciter solicitatorum. Basileæ, Sumptibus Johannis Christ, 1741. [8], 820, [20] p. 4o.

See p.35-37 etc.

Also: Jo. Christophori Wolfii … Curæ philologicæ et criticæ. Tomus IV. In X posteriores S. Pauli Epistolas, … Basileæ, Sumptibus Johannis Christ, 1741. [8], 860 p. 4o.


Edelmann, J. C.

Die Göttlichkeit der Vernunfft, in einer kurtzen Anweisung zu weiterer Untersuchung der ältesten und vornehmsten Bedeutung des Wortes [LOGOS] … Aus Liebe vergestellet von Johann Christian Edelmann … [Berlenburg, 1742]

See “Anhang, bestehend in einer kurtzen Beleuchtung des VIten Cap. derjenigen Schrifft …: Der Socinianische Glaube, oder ein kurtzer Bericht bekannter Lehr-Sätze, der ausländischen und unter uns wohnenden Socinianer u. Worgeger in dienliches Gegen=Gifft zugerichtet Johann Edwards … Worinnen Die Vernunfftmässigkeit des Christenthums von obbesagtem Auctore ohne Grund bestritten, in nachfolgenden Blättern aber gründlich vertheidiget wird. 1741” (p. 423-607) [translated from Edwards, The Socinian creed (1697)]; a reply to Edwards.

Y&Y 1742.2


Benson, G.

The reasonablenesse of the Christian religion, as delivered in the Scriptures. Being an answer to a late treatise, intitled Christianity not founded on argument [by Henry Dodwell] … By George Benson. London: printed for J. Noon; R. King; M. Fenner; and M. Cooper. 1743. xviii, 276, [2] p. 8o.

[Fontenelle, B. de.]

Reflexions sur l’argument de Monsieur Pascal & de Monsieur Locke concernant la possibilité d’une autre vie à venir. // IN: Nouvelles libertés de penser. A Amsterdam, 1743. 12o. Pages 3-61.

C 130; Y&Y 1743.3

Reprinted in: Nouvelles libertés de penser. – Paris : Éditions Noxia, 2001. – 119 p. – Unverified.


Taylor, J.

A paraphrase with notes on the Epistle to the Romans. … By John Taylor … London: printed and sold by J. Waugh. 1745. [14], 366, [26] p. 4o.

A second edition appeared in 1747.


Benson, G.

Georgii Bensonii Paraphrasis et notae philogicae atque exegeticae in Epistolam S. Iacobi. Latine vertit, et suas ubique observationes addidit M. Ioannes David Michaelis. Cum praefatione D. Sigism. Iacobi Baumgarten. Halae Magdeburgicae, sumptibus Bibliopolii Lüderwaldiani. 1746. [12], xx, 224 p. 4o.

See esp. Michaelis’s dedication.

Kieff, J. H.

Dissertatio theologica de statu hominis lapsi, Jo. Lockio et Veridico Nassoviensi opposita. [25 November 1746. Praeces, Johann Christian Burgmann; respondent, Joachim Heinrich Kieff]. Rostock : J.J. Adler, 1746. [8], 52 p. 4o.



Peirce, J.

Iacobi Peircii Paraphrasis et notae philologicae atque exegeticae in epistolam ad Hebraeos. Latine vertit et suas ubique observationes addidit Ioannes David Michaelis … Halae Magdeburgicae. Sumtibus Bibliopolii Lüderwaldiani. 1747. [6], 406 p. 4o.



[Observations on Dr. Middleton’s book on miracles]. // IN: The mitre and crown. For December 1748:181-198; For January 1749:213-228.

Review of Middleton, A free inquiry … (1749)


Baumgarten, S. J.

D. Siegmund Jacob Baumgartens Auslegung des Briefes Pauli an die Römer … Halle, bey Johann Justinus Gebauers, 1749. [8], 824, xxxxiiii, [40] p. 4o.


Benson, G.

A paraphrase and notes on the seven (commonly called) catholic Epistles. Viz. St. James, I. St. Peter, II St. Peter, St. Jude, I, II, and III of St. John. Attempted in imitation of Mr. Locke's manner. To which are annexed several critical dissertations. By George Benson … London: printed and sold by J. Waugh; J. Noon; A. Millar; J. Davidson; R. King; M. Cooper; and J. Robinson. 1749. viii, 488, [2], 222, [2] p. 4o.

Middleton, C.

A free inquiry into the miraculous powers, which are supposed to have subsisted in the Christian Church, from the earliest ages through several successive centuries. … By Conyers Middleton … London: printed for R. Manby and H.S. Cox. 1749. [4], cxli, [3], 232, [20] p. 4o.

Appeared before the end of 1748.

Review: Anon., Mitre and crown (1748)

Also published; Dublin: printed for J. Smith, 1749.

C 73; T 215