The Jew’s advocate. Containing Mr. Locke’s sentiments in respect to the treatment of Jews by Christians. … London: printed for M. Cooper; W. Reeve; and C. Sympson. 1753. [2], ii, 54 p. 8o.

Quotes Locke’s paraphrase of Romans 11.


Newton, I.

Two letters of Sir Isaac Newton to Mr. Le Clerc … The former containing a dissertation upon the reading of the Greek text, I John, v.7. The latter upon that of I Timothy, iii.16. Published from authentick MSS in the library of the Remonstrants in Holland. London: printed for J. Payne, 1754. [4], 119, [1] p. 8o.

Also published as: “An historical account of two notable corruptions of scripture. In a letter to a friend. Now first published entire from a ms. in the author’s hand-writing in the possession of the Rev. Dr. Ekens, Dean of Carlisle.” // IN: Isaaci Newtoni opera quae exstant omnia. Commentariis illustrabat Samuel Horsley … Londini: excudebat Joannes Nichols. 1779-1785. Tom. 5 (1785):493-550.

Newton discussed this work with Locke, who sent a copy to Jean Le Clerc for publication. In the event, Newton declined to publish. The work was first printed (1754) from a revised manuscript that Newton sent Le Clerc. Newton’s original manuscript survives in New College, Oxford; it was printed by Horsley in 1785, and is now available as part of The Newton Project.


Baumgarten, S. J.

D. Siegmund Jacob Baumgartens Auslegung der beyden Briefe St. Pauli an die Corinthier. Mit Anmerkungen und einer Paraphrasi Johann August Nösselts … Nebst einer Vorrede herausgegeben von John Salomon Semler. Halle, bey Johann Justinus Gebauer, 1756. 2 vols. in 1. 4o.

Reprinted in 1761; 1756 edition not verified.

C 76


[Benson, G.]

Paraphrastische Erklärung und Anmerkungen über einige Bücher des Neuen Testaments. Aus dem Englischen ubersetzt und mit einer Nachricht von dem Leven und Schrifften des Verfassers vermehret von Johann Peter Bamberger. Nebst einer Vorrede Herrn August Friedrich Wilhelm Sachs. Leipzig, in der Weidmannischen Buchhandlung, 1761.



[Annet, P.]

The morality of the New Testament digested under various heads, comprehending the duties which we owe to God, to ourselves, and to our fellow-creatures. … Together with … some observations on the arguments of Mr. Locke and Dr. Leland. By a rational Christian … London: printed for J. Johnson. 1765. xxxv, [1], 404 p. 4o.

See “Conclusion” (p. 269-373 [esp. 296-312]).

Also attributed to Francis Webb.

Reprinted in 1818.

C 130 [Anon.]; Y&Y 1765.4



Lettres à Son Altesse monseigneur le Prince de ****. Sur Rabelais & sur d’autres auteurs accusés d’avoir mal parlé de la religion chrêtienne. A Amsterdam, chez Marc Michel Rey. 1767. [4], 144 p.

Addressed to Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneberg.

False imprint; printed in Geneva.

See Lettre 4.

Another ed.(?): Lettres à Son Altesse monseigneur le Prince de ****. Sur Rabelais & sur d’autres auteurs accusés d’avoir mal parlé de la religion chrêtienne. A Londres, 1768. [6], 114 p. 8o. Half title: Catalogue raisonné des esprits forts depuis le curé Rabelais, jusqu’au curé Jean Meslier. Dressé par M.P.V. Professeur en Théologie. See “De Loke” (p. 31-32)

English translation: Letters addressed to His Highness the Prince of *****, containing, comments on the writings of the most eminent authors, who have been accused of attacking the Christian religion. By M. Voltaire. London, printed for T. Becket and P.A. de Hondt, 1768. iv, 116 p. See Letter 4, “On the English authors who have had the misfortune to write against the Christian religion.”

Unverified; source: NUC.

T 234 [1779 London ed.]



Dodd, W.

A commentary on the books of the Old and New Testament. In which are inserted the notes and collections of John Locke, Esq; Daniel Waterland, D.D. the right honourable Edward Earl of Clarendon. and other learned persons. With practical improvements. By William Dodd. … In three volumes. London: printed for R. Davis; L. Davis, T. Carnen and F. Newbery, junior. 1770. 3 vols. 2o.


Milner, J.

Gibbon’s account of Christianity considered: together with some strictures on Hume’s Dialogues concerning natural religion. By Joseph Milner … York: printed by A. Ward; and sold by G. Robinson, and T. Cadell, London; J. Merrill, in Cambridge; J. Fletcher in Oxford; W. Tessseyman, in York; T. Browne, in Hull; and J. Binns, in Leeds. 1781. xiii, [1], 262 p. 8o.

See 8, “Rationality” (p. 154-163)

C 130


Ludlam, W.

Essays on scripture metaphors, divine justice, divine mercy, and the doctrine of satisfaction. By W. Ludlam … London: printed for Lockyer Davis. 1785. [2], 125, [1] p. 8o.


[Murray, L.]

The power of religion on the mind, in retirement, sickness, and at death; exemplified in the testimonies and experience of men distinguished by their greatness, learning, or virtue. York: printed by Lucas Lund, 1787. 210 p. 8o.

Unverified; source: ESTC.

Also: The power of religion on the mind : in retirement, affliction, and at the approach of death : exemplified in the testimonies and experience of persons distinguished by their greatness, learning, or virtue / by Lindley Murray. – New York : printed by order of the trustees of the residuary estate of Lindley Murray ; S.S. & W. Wood, 1860. – See “John Locke” (p. 173-177)

T 217 [15th ed., 1810]


Lardner, N.

The works of Nathaniel Lardner … containing Credibility of the Gospel history; Jewish and heathen testimonies; History of heretics; and his sermons and tracts. To the first volume is prefixed the life of the author, by Andrew Kippis. London, printed for J. Johnson, 1788. 11 vols.

Also: London : W. Ball, 1838. – 10 vols. – See vol. 10:110, 146, 152, 154.

Ludlam, W.

Two essays on justification and the influence of the Holy Spirit: in addition to four theological essays, lately published. By W. Ludlam … London: printed for Lockyer Davis, 1788. [4], 57, [1] p. 8o.



Remarks on the religious sentiments of learned and eminent laymen; viz. Sir Isaac Newton, Hon. Robert Boyle, Locke, Sir Matthew Hale, Addison, Nelson, Lord Lyttelton, West, Soame Jenyns, &c. &c. … London: sold by Mssrs. Robinsons; Messrs. Merril, and Lunn, Cambridge; and Messrs. Fletcher, Oxford. 1790. [8], 157, [3] p.

See p. 33-44 (mostly quotations from Reasonableness)

Y&Y 1790.3


Napleton, J.

Advice to a student in the University, concerning the qualifications and duties of a minister of the Gospel in the Church of England. By John Napleton … Oxford, printed for Fletcher and Hanwell; sold by Mess. Rivington, London. 1795. vi, [2], 147, [1] p. 8o.

Recommends Locke’s Paraphrases (p. 34)

C 130 [“Mapleton”]; Y&Y 1795.2



A discourse concerning faith as a condition of the Gospel covenant, and as the instrument whereby salvation is wrought in the heart by divine power. With an appendix containing some remarks on Mr. Locke’s Paraphrase and notes on St. Paul's Epistles. George-town [Va.]: from the press of Green, English, & Co. 1796.

See “Remarks on Mr. Locke’s Paraphrase & notes on St. Paul’s Epistles” (p. 45-60)

Evans 32050; Y&Y 1796.1


Kett, H.

History the interpreter of prophecy, or, A view of scriptural prophecies and their accomplishment in the past and present occurrences of the world; with conjectures respecting their future completion. By Henry Kett … Oxford; printed for Messrs. Hanwell and Parker; and J. Cooke; and sold by C. and J. Rivington; Robson; Egerton; Cadell and Davies; and Hatchard, London. 1799. 3 vols. 12o.

C 130


[Herder, J. G von.]

“John Locke ; Die Freidenker.” // IN: Adrastea. – 1 (1801):203-217.

C 111

Rawes, W., Jr.

The Gospel ministry of women, under the Christian dispensation, defended : from Scripture, and from the writings of John Locke, Josiah Martin, &c. / by William Rawes, Jun. – London : printed and sold by William Phillips, 1801. – 45 p.

Quotes from Locke’s Paraphrase and notes.

C 130; Y&Y 1801.1; T 224


W., S.

“Extracts from an unpublished autograph of Locke” / S.W. // IN: Christian observer. – 18 (1819):69-76.

Describes Locke’s manuscript; includes quotations from Locke’s translations from Nicole’s Essais.

Y&Y 1819.2; A [786]


N[orton], A.

“Preface” / A.N. // IN: Locke’s Essay for the understanding of St. Paul’s Epistles (1820). [Locke #704]


Miller, S.

Letters on Unitarianism : addressed to members of the First Presbyterian Church in the City of Baltimore / by Samuel Miller. – Trenton : printed by George Sherman, 1821.

See p. 108-110.

[Sparks, J.]

“Ninth letter to the Rev. Dr. Miller : on the theological sentiments of Newton, Locke and Watts” / a Unitarian of Baltimore. // IN: Unitarian miscellany and Christian monitor. – 2 (1821):267-290.

Reprinted as: “Theological sentiments of Newton, Locke, and Watts.” // IN: An inquiry into the comparative moral tendancy of Trinitarian and Unitarian doctrines : in a series of letters to the Rev. Dr. Miller, of Princeton / by Jared Sparks. – Boston : Wells and Lilly, 1823. – p. 365-397.


Orme, W.

Bibliotheca biblica : a select list of books on sacred literature : with notices, biographical, critical, and bibliographical / by William Orme. – Edinburgh : A. Black, 1824.

Locke’s Paraphrases cited and abstracted (p. 293-294)

Tholuck, F. A. G.

Auslegung des Briefes Pauli an die Römer : nebst fortlausenden Auszügen aus den exegetischen Schriften der Kirchenväter und Reformatoren / von Friedrich August Gottreu Tholuck. – Berlin : Ferdinand Dümmler, 1824. – xxx, 514 p.




Conformity with the national church : an answer to Reasons for non-conformity by John Locke, published in a life of Mr. Locke, by Lord King. – London : C.J.G. & F. Rivington, 1831. – viii, 95 p.

C 130; Y&Y 1831.1



“Locke on the Epistles of St. Paul.” // IN: The American monthly review. – 2 (1832):265-273.

Y&Y 1832.1

Meyer, H. A. W.

Kritisch-exegetischer Kommentar über das Neue Testament / von Heinr. Aug. Wilh. Meyer. – Göttingen : Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 1832-59.



Acton, H.

Religious opinions and example of Milton, Locke, and Newton : a lecture with notes / by Henry Acton. – London : R. Hunter, sold by T. Balle, Exeter; W. Browne, Bristol, 1833. – 47 p.

Another edition: Boston : printed for the American Unitarian Association [by] C. Bowen, 1833. – 40 p. – (American Unitarian Association tracts ; 77)

C 130; Y&Y 1833.1, 2


“The Bible.” // IN: Cincinnati mirror. – 31 Aug. 1833 = vol. 2 (1832/33):200.

Quotes Locke on the Bible.

Y&Y 1833.3


Lechler, G. V.

Geschichte des englischen Deismus / von Gotthard Victor Lechler. – Stuttgart : J.G. Cotta, 1841.

See “Locke’s philosophischer und religiöser Standpunkt” (p. 154-179)

Cs 98


Tayler, J. J.

A retrospect of the religious life of England, or, The Church, Puritanism, and free enquiry / by John James Tayler. – London : J. Chapman, 1845.

See “Influence of the writings of Locke” (p. 342-364)


[Rogers, H.]

“Reason and faith, their claims and conflicts.” // IN: Edinburgh review. – 90 (1849):293-356.

Reprinted in: Reason and faith, and other miscellanies of Henry Rogers. – Boston : Crosby, Nichols ; New York : C.S. Francis, 1853. – p. 339-458.

C 113


Wallace, R.

Antitrinitarian biography, or, Sketches of the lives and writings of distinguished antitrinitarians … / by Robert Wallace. – London : E.T. Whitfield, 1850.

See “John Locke” (vol. 3:399-428)



“Reason and faith.” // IN: Westminster review. – 56 (Oct. 1851):34-43.

Review of Rogers, “Reason and faith” (1849) and other works.

C 113


Green, H.

Sir Isaac Newton’s views on points of Trinitarian doctrine, his articles of faith, and the general co-incidence of his opinions with those of John Locke : a selection of authorities, with observations / by Henry Green. – London : E.T. Whitfield ; Manchester : Johnson and Rawson, 1856. – 118 p.

C 130; Y&Y 1856.2


[Pattison, M.]

“Tendencies of religious thought in England, 1688-1750.” // IN: Essays and reviews. – London : J.W. Parker, 1860. – p. 254-329.

Reprinted in: Essays by the late Mark Pattison … / collected and arranged by Henry Nettleship. – Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1889. – vol. 2:42-118.



“Confutazione scolastica del dubbio lockiano intorno alla spiritualità dell’anima.” // IN: Civiltà cattolica. – Serie 5:no. 8 (1863):168-180.

M p.351


“Del dubbio lockiano sopre l’immaterialità dell’anima.” // IN: Civiltà cattolica. – Serie 5:no. 7 (1863):399-414.

M p.351


Burger, D.

Locke’s bewijs voor het bestaan van God / door D. Burger. – Amersfoort : A.M. Slothouwer, 1872. – 30 p.

LNL 5:19; Y&Y 1872.2


Pünjer, B.

Geschichte der christlichen Religionsphilosophie seit der Reformation / von G.Ch. Bernhard Pünjer. – Braunschweig : C.A. Schwetschke, 1880.

See “John Locke” (Band 1:231-236)

English translation: History of the Christian philosophy of religion from the Reformation to Kant / by Bernhard Pünjer ; translated from the German by W. Hastie ; with a preface by Robert Flint. – Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark, 1887. – See p. 315-321.


Milhac, F.

Essai sur les idées religieuses de Locke / par François Milhac. – Genève : Rivera et Dubois, 1886. – 115 p. – Thesis–Faculté de théologie protestante de Paris.

C 130; Y&Y 1886.1


Worcester, E. E.

The religious opinions of John Locke / by Elwood Ernest Worcester. – [Geneva, N.Y. : W.F. Humphrey], 1889. – 124 p. – Inaug.-Diss.–Leipzig.

C 130; Y&Y 1889.7


Fischer, P.

Die Religionsphilosophie des John Locke : aus seinen sämmtlichen Werken im Zusammenhang dargestellt … / vorgelegt von Paul Fischer. – Berlin : G. Schade, 1893. – 35 p. – Inaug.-Diss.–Erlangen.

C 130; Y&Y 1893.2


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Also: 2nd ed., rewritten and greatly enlarged. – London : Watts, 1906. – See vol. 2:117-121; and A history of freethought, ancient and modern, to the period of the French Revolution / by J.M. Robertson. – 4th ed., rev. and expanded. – London : Watts, 1936. – See vol. 2:663-667.

H&W 1983