[Mun, T.]

A discourse of trade, from England unto the East-Indies: answering to diverse objections which are usually made against the same. By T.M. London. Printed by Nicholas Okes for John Pyper. 1621. [6], 58 p. 4o.

Locke owned a copy of this edition: H&L 2063.

STC 18255; C 25


Robinson, H.

Englands safety, in trades encrease. Most humbly presented to the High Court of Parliament. … By Henry Robinson, Gent. London, printed by E.P. for Nicholas Bourne. 1641. [6], 62, [2] p. 4o.

Selections reprinted in Shaw, Select tracts and documents … (1896). – p. 45-60.

Hd 1; Wing R1671; C 25


Cotton, R.

A speech made by Sir Rob. Cotton, Knight and Baronet, before the Lords of his Majesties most honourable Privy Council, at the Council Table: being thither called to deliver his opinion touching the alteration of coyn. Sept. 2. annoque regni regis Caroli 2. [1626]. London, printed in the year, 1651.

Issued in: Cottoni posthuma: divers choice pieces of that renowned antiquary Sir Robert Cotton, Knight and Baronet, preserved from the injury of time, and expos’d to public light, for the benefit of posterity, by J.H. Esq; London, printed by Francis Leach, for Henry Seile, 1651. 8o. Pages 283-307.

The speech was separately published in 1690: A speech made by Sir Robert Cotton, Kt and Baront, before the Lords of his Majesty’s most honorable Privy-Council, at the Council-Table: being thither called to deliver his opinion touching the alteration of coin. Sept. 2. annoque regni regis Caroli II. London: printed for Tho. Horne. 1690. 12 p. 4o.

Reprinted in Shaw, Select tracts and documents … (1896). – p. 25-45.

H&L 863 [1690]; Hd 8; Wing C6485 [1651]; Wing2 C6501A [1690]; C 25


Robinson, H.

Certain proposalls in order to the peoples freedome and accommodation in some particulars. With the advancement of trade and navigation of this commonwealth in general. Humbly tendered to the view of this prosperous Parliament … by Henry Robinson. London; printed by M. Simmons. 1652. [2], 27, [1] p. 4o.

Selections reprinted in Shaw, Select tracts and documents … (1896). – p. 61-69.

Hd 9; Wing R1670; C 25


[Child, J.]

Brief observations concerning trade, and interest of money. By J.C. London, printed for Elizabeth Calvert, and Henry Mortlock. 1668. 38 p. 4o.

Includes: A tract against usurie, presented to the high court of Parliament. [By Sir Thomas Culpeper]. London, printed in the year 1621, and now re-printed for Elizabeth Calvert, and Henry Mortlock. 1668. (p. 21-38)

H&L 552; Wing C3852; C 24; A [490]


C., R.

A letter to a friend concerning usury. Wherein are mentioned all the arguments formerly written for and against the abatement of interest. Collected out of four tracts on that subject: one by Sir Thomas Culpeper Senior, in 1621. Another by Sir Thomas Culpeper Junior, in 1668. The third by Sir Josiah Child, in 1668. And the fourth by Mr. Thomas Manley, in 1669. By R.C. London. Printed in the year 1690. [2], 30 p. 8o.

H&L 3030; Wing C106; A [492]

[Child, J.]

A discourse about trade, wherein the reduction of interest of money to 4 l. per centum, is recommended. … [London] Printed by A. Sowle, 1690. [64], 37, [1], 234[=238], [2] p. 8o.

Revised version of the last item; reprinted as: A new discourse of trade, wherein is recommended several weighty points relating to companies of merchants … By Sir Josiah Child. London, printed, and sold by John Everingham, in the year 1693. [54], 234 p. 8o.

H&L 2964,684; Hd 53,85; Wing C3853,C3860; C 24; A [491]


[North, D.]

Discourses upon trade; principally directed to the cases of the interest, coynage, clipping, increase of money. London: printed for Tho. Basset. 1691. [12], 23, [5] p. 4o.

H&L 2965; Hd 68; Wing N1280; C 24; A [493]


H., E.

Reasons for the abatement of interest to four in the hundred. And the objections against it fairly stated, and briefly and fully answer’d. By E.H. London: printed for Daniel Brown, and Matt. Gilly-flower. 1692. [4], 66 p. 8o.

“E.H.” may be E. Harris, author of Decus & tutamen (1696)

Wing H21; C 25



For encouraging the coining of silver money in England, and after for keeping it here. [London] January the 6th 1692/3. Broadsheet.

Kelly suggests that the author might be Thomas Neale, Master of the Mint.

See Locke’s reply in Short observations on a printed paper … [Locke #501]

Reprinted in Locke #506 (p. 613-616)

Hd 82; Wing F1427; A [500]

Child, J.

A new discourse of trade, wherein is recommended several weighty points relating to companies of merchants … – See entry under 1690.


Cary, J.

An essay on the state of England, in relation to its trade, its poor, and its taxes, for carrying on the present war against France. By John Cary … Bristoll: printed by W. Bonny, for the author, and are to be sold in London by Sam. Crouch, and Tim. Goodwin; also by Tho. Wall, and Rich. Gravett, in Bristoll, Novem. 1695. [20], 178 p. 8o.

H&L 610; Hd 144; Wing 730; C 24

[Chamberlen, H.]

A fund for supplying and preserving our coin. Or, An essay on the project of new-coining our silver. [London? 1695?]. 15, [1] p. 12o.

Hd 154; Wing C1874; C 25

[Lowndes, W.]

A report containing An essay for the amendment of the silver coins. London, printed by Charles Bill, and the executrix of Thomas Newcomb, deceas’d. 1695. 159, [1] p. 8o.

Answered by Locke’s Further considerations … [Locke #502]

H&L 1816; Hd 226; Wing L3323; C 23; Y&Y 1695.3; A [501B]

Petty, W.

Sir William Petty’s Quantulumcunque concerning money, 1682. London, printed in the year 1695. 8 p. 4o.

H&L 2283; Hd 235; Wing P1935; C 24



A letter humbly offer’d to the consideration of all gentlemen, yoemen, citizens, freeholders, &c. that have right to elect members to serve in Parliament. … London, printed for E. Whitlock, anno dom. 1696. 31, [1] p. 8o.

An attack on Locke; Locke quoted on p. 4-9.

Hd 300; Wing L1552; Y&Y 1696.3; A [509]


A review of the universal remedy for all diseases incident to coin. With application to our present circumstances. In a letter to Mr. Locke. London, printed for A. and J. Churchill. 1696. 61, [3] p. 8o.

Dated Aug. 31, 1696; Goldie attributes this work to William Paterson.

H&L 800; Hd 359; Wing R1200; C 25; Y&Y 1696.5; A [510]; T 172


Some considerations about the raising of coin. In a second letter to Mr. Locke. … London, printed for A. and J. Churchill, 1696. [4], 52 p. 8o.

Dated Oct. 3, 1696; Goldie also attributes this work to William Paterson.

H&L 801; Hd 367; Wing S4481; C 25; Y&Y 1696.6; A [511]; T 173

Asgill, J.

Several assertions proved, in order to create another species of money than gold and silver. [London? 1696?]. [2], 85, [1] p. 8o. Signed: Lincoln’s Inn, Septemb. 1696. J. Asgill.

H&L 135; Hd 363; Wing A3932; C 26

Barbon, N.

A discourse concerning coining the new money lighter: In answer to Mr. Lock’s Considerations about raising the value of money. By Nicholas Barbon, Esq; London: printed for Richard Chiswell. 1696. [16], 96 p. 8o.

Reprinted in The reception of Locke’s politics / edited by Mark Goldie (1999). – vol. 6:7-56.

Hd 283; Wing B706; C 24-25; Y&Y 1696.1; A [512]

[Blencow, J.]

An essay for lowering the gold and raising the silver coin. London: printed for Timothy Goodwin, 1696. 31, [1] p. 4o.

H&L 1067a; Hd 287; Wing E3281; C 26

Cary, J.

An essay, on the coyn and credit of England: as they stand with respect to its trade. By John Cary … Bristol: printed by Will. Bonny, and sold by the booksellers of London and Bristol, October the 22d. 1696. [6], 40 p. 8o.

H&L 611; Hd 289; Wing C728-729

Cary, J.

An essay towards the settlement of a national credit, in the kingdom of England, humbly presented to the two honourable houses of Parliament. By John Cary … London: printed by Freeman Collins, and are to be cold by S. Crouch, and E. Whitlock. 1696. [4], 19, [1] p. 8o.

H&L 612; Hd 399; Wing C721; C 24

Davenant, C.

An essay on the East-India-trade. By the author of the Essay upon wayes and means. London, printed anno 1696. 162 p. 8o.

Reprinted in: The political and commercial works of that celebrated writer Charles D’Avenant, LL.D. Relating to the trade and revenue of England, the plantation trade, the East-India trade, and the African trade. Collected, and revised by Sir Charles Whitworth … London: printed for R. Horsefield, T. Becket and P.A. DeHondt, and T. Cadell, and T. Evans. 1771. Vol. 1:83-123.

Wing D307; C 26

Ford, R.

A further attempt towards the reformation of the coin. With expedients for preventing the stop of commerce during the re-coinage. And supplying the Mint with sufficient quantity of bullion. Humbly offered to the consideration of King and Parliament, by R. Ford. London: printed for Thomas Cockerill, Sen’ & Jun’, 1696. 24 p. 4o.

Hd 291; Wing F1471; C25-26

[Harris, E.]

Decus & tutamen: or, Our new money as now coined, in full weight and fineness; proved to be for the honour, safety, and advantage of England. Written by way of answer to Sir Richard Temple and Dr. Barbon. To which is added, An essay to preserve our new money from being hoarded, melted down, transported or counterfeited. London, printed, and are to be sold by most booksellers, 1696. viii, 64 p. 8o. Signed: E.H.

Defends Locke against criticisms of Temple and Barbon.

Reprinted in The reception of Locke’s politics / edited by Mark Goldie (1999). – vol. 6:57-86.

Hd 279; Wing H19; A [514]

J., R.

A letter of advice to a friend about the currency of clipt-money wherein all the material clauses contain’d in the several acts made in these two last sessions of Parliament, for the cure of that evil, are recited; and now printed for the use of the publick. London: printed for Edw. Castle, 1696. 32 p. 8o. Signed: R.J.

H&L 2022; Hd 301; Wing J29; C 25

[Prat, S.]

The regulating silver coin, made practable and easie, to the government and subject. Humbly submitted to the consideration of both houses of Parliament. By a lover of his country. London, printed for Henry Bonwick. 1696. [2], 125, [1] p. 8o.

H&L 796; Hd 356; Wing P3184; C 26

S., J.

“Some additional remarks and observations relating to coin and trade.” // IN: Select observations of the incomparable Sir Walter Raleigh, relating to trade, commerce, and coin … London: printed for J.S. and are to be sold by R. Baldwin, 1696. Pages 8-12. 2o.

Reprinted in Shaw, Select tracts and documents … (1896). – p. 133-146.

Hd 362; Wing R189; C 26; A [515]

Temple, R.

Some short remarks upon Mr. Lock’s book, in answer to Mr. Lounds, and several other books and pamphlets concerning coin. By Sir Richard Temple … London: printed for Richard Baldwin. 1696. 12 p. 4o.

Reprinted in (1) Shaw, Select tracts and documents … (1896). – p. 113-117 [1935 ed.]; and (2) The reception of Locke’s politics / edited by Mark Goldie (1999). – vol. 6:1-6.

H&L 2846; Hd 377; Wing T633; C 25; Y&Y 1696.8; A [513]

[Vickaris, A.]

An essay, for regulating of the coyn: … By A.V. London, printed by James O. for Richard Cumberland. 1696. [6], 28 p. 4o.

Dedicated to Godolphin; preface dated Septemb. 2. 1695; also: The second edition: with an additional proposition for the regulating the coyn. By A.V. merchant. London: printed for Richard Cumberland. 1696. [6], 30 p. 4o.

H&L 797; Hd 288; Wing V377, 377A; C 25


H., P.

The Bank of England, and their present method of paying, defended from the aspersions cast on them in a late book, entituled, A review of the universal remedy for all diseases incident to coin. With application to our present circumstances. In a letter to Mr. Locke. London, printed for Thomas Speed, 1697. 22, [2] p. 8o.

Wing H101; A [516]

[Hodges, J.]

The present state of England, as to coin and publick charges. … Most humbly presented to the King and Parliament, by J.H. London, printed for Andr. Bell. 1697. xxviii, 340 p. 8o.

Extracts reprinted in The reception of Locke’s politics / edited by Mark Goldie (1999). – vol. 6:87-134.

H&L 1467; Hd 411; Wing H2299

[Layton, H.]

Observations concerning money and coin, and especially those of England. London, printed, for Peter Buck, 1697. [4], 48 p. 4o.

Includes comments on Locke (p. 12-24)

Hd 410; Wing2 H755B; A [517]


Petty, Sir W.

Political arithmetick, or A discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people, buildings … By Sir William Petty. London: printed for Robert Clavel, and Henry Mortlock. 1699. // IN: Several essays in political arithmetick: the titles of which follow in the ensuing pages. By Sir William Petty, … London: printed for Robert Clavel, and Henry Mortlock. 1699. 8o. Pages 141-276.

H&L 2284; Wing P1937; C 26


[Law, J.]

Money and trade considered, with a proposal for supplying the nation with money. [By John Law]. Edinburgh, printed by the heirs and successors of Andrew Anderson, 1705. [2], 120 p. 4o.

Locke quoted on p. 9.

A [518]



Sir Thomas Colepeper’s tracts concerning usury reprinted. Shewing its biting quality on the private and publick. With some animadversions on the writings of Dr. Lock, on that subject. Offer’d to the most serious consideration of all that sincerely desire the good and safety of their Queen and countrey. London; printed, and sold by J. Morphew, 1708. 27, [5] p. 4o.

With a postscript dated 1709.

See p. 18ff.

“Some animadversions on the writings of Dr. Lock” reprinted in The reception of Locke’s politics / edited by Mark Goldie (1999). – vol. 6:135-158.

C 25; Y&Y 1708.1; A [519]



An attempt to show how far the land and trade of England are affected by usury, and might be improv’d by reducing the legal interest of our money from 6 to 4 per cent. [1712?]. Broadside. 1 sheet. 1/2o.

Against Locke.

Reprinted in The reception of Locke’s politics / edited by Mark Goldie (1999). – vol. 6:159-168.

A [520]


[Jocelyn, J.]

An essay on money & bullion. Wherein are considered, Value intrinsick and extrinsick. Money and bullion compared. Mr. Locke’s considerations concerning raising the value of coin. The present state of our coin. And a scheme for raising the value of our coin, as well gold as silver. … London: printed for B. Lintot. 1718. [4], 38 p. 8o.

See Ch. 3, “Remarks upon Mr. Locke’s Considerations concerning raising the value of money” (p. 19-27)

Reprinted in The reception of Locke’s politics / edited by Mark Goldie (1999). – vol. 6:169-190.


[Bolingbroke, H. & Amhurst, N.]

The country journal: or, The craftsman. – See entry in Chapter 7.

Hartwell, H., Blair, J. & Chilton, E.

The present state of Virginia, and the College: by Messieurs Hartwell, Blair, and Chilton. To which is added, the charter for erecting the said College, granted by their late Majesties King William and Queen Mary of ever glorious memory. London: printed for John Wyat, 1727. [4], 95, [1] p. 8o.

Reprinted, with an introduction, by Hunter Dickinson Farish. – Williamsburg, Va. : Colonial Williamsburg, 1940. – lxxiii, 105 p.

As a member of the Board of Trade, Locke was involved with the original draft, written in 1697; for background, see Farish’s introduction; Kammen, “Virginia at the close of the seventeenth century” (1966); and Bain, “The composition and publication of The present state of Virginia … (1971).



Some reflections, concerning the reduction of gold coin in Ireland. Upon the principles of the Dean of St. Patrick’s and Mr. Lock: humbly submitted to the good people of Ireland. … Dublin: printed in the year 1737. 16 p. 8o.



An enquiry how far it might be expedient, and, at this time more particularly, seasonable, to permit the importation of Irish cattle, upon conditions of advantage and security to the woollen trade of Great Britain. The several judgments of Sir W. Temple and Mr. Locke in reference thereto … London: Printed for J. Roberts. 1743. [4], 147, [1] p. 8o.

C 120; Y&Y 1743.2


[Nugent, R.]

Considerations upon a reduction of the land-tax. London: printed for R. Griffiths. 1749. [4], viii, 67, [1] p. 8o.

Locke quoted on p. 10-13.


[Massie, J.]

An essay on the governing causes of the natural rate of interest; wherein the sentiments of Sir William Petty and Mr. Locke, on that head, are considered. London: printed for W. Owen. 1750. 62 p. 8o.

C 120 [Anon.]; Y&Y 1750.1


Massie, J.

Observations relating to the coin of Great Britain; consisting partly of extracts from Mr. Locke’s treatise concerning money, but chiefly of such additions thereto, as are thought to be necessary at this juncture … Whereunto is annexed, Sir William Petty’s Quantulumcunque concerning money … By J. Massie. London: printed for T. Payne; sold by W. Owen; and C. Henderson. 1760. [2], 40, [2] p. 4o.

C 120; Y&Y 1760.2


Steuart, J.

An inquiry into the principles of political oeconomy: being an essay on the science of domestic policy in free nations. In which are particularly considered population, agriculture, trade, industry, money, coin, interest, circulation, banks, exchange, public credit, and taxes. By Sir James Steuart, bart. … London: Published for A. Millar, and T. Cabell, in the Strand. MDCCLXVII [1767]. 2 vol.


Eden, F. M.

The state of the poor: or, An history of the labouring classes in England from the conquest to the present period. By Sir Frederic Morton Eden, Bart. In three volumes. London: printed by J. Davis, for B. & J. White; G.G. & J. Robinson; T. Payne; R. Faulder; T. Egerton; J. Debrett; and D. Bremner. 1797. 3 vols. 4o.

Locke’s “Report of the Board of Trade” discussed (vol. 1:243-248)


Bancroft, G.

History of the United States from the discovery of the American continent / by George Bancroft. – Boston : C. Bowen ; London : R.J. Kennett, 1834-75.

See vol. 2, History of the colonization of the United States (1837). Ch.13, “Shaftesbury and Locke legislate for Carolina” (p. 128-187)

Cs 98


McCulloch, J. R.

The literature of political economy : a classified catalogue : select publications in the different departments of that science, with historical, critical, and biographical notices / by J.R. McCulloch. – London : printed for Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1845.

See esp. p. 2-4, 146, 156-157, 275.


Laboulaye, É.

“Locke, législateur de la Caroline” / Édouard Laboulaye. // IN: Revue de législation et de jurisprudence. – 37 (1850):225-253.

Also issued separately: Paris : Durand, 1850. – 31 p.

C 122; Y&Y 1850.2


Roscher, W.

Zur Geschichte der englischen Volkwirthschaftslehre / von Wilhelm Roscher. – Leipzig : Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1851.

Also issued as: “Zur Geschichte der englischen Volkwirthschaftslehre im sechzehnten und siebzehnten Jahrhundert” / von Wilhelm Roscher. // IN: Abhandlungen der Philologisch-Historischen Classe der Königlich Sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. – 2 (1857):1-146.

See 10, “Der Philosoph Locke” (p. 93-106)

C 121


Macleod, H. D.

The theory and practice of banking / by Henry Dunning Macleod. – 2nd ed. – London : Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 1866.

See vol. 1:229-239 (on Locke and Lowndes); the 3rd ed., 1875, contains a section (vol. 1:123-125) on the labor theory of value.

C 121


Ochenkowski, W. von.

“John Locke als National-Oekonom” / von W. v. Ochenkowski. // IN: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik. – 34 (1879):431-476.

C 120; Y&Y 1879.3


Böhm-Bawerk, E. von.

Kapital und Kapitalzins / von Eugen v. Böhm-Bawerk. – Innsbruck : Wagner’schen Universitäts-Buchhanglung, 1884-89.

See vol. 1:51-53.

English translations: (1) Capital and interest : a critical history of economical theory / by Eugen v. Böhm-Bawerk ; translated with a preface and analysis by William Smart. – London ; New York : Macmillan, 1890. – See p. 44-47; (2) Capital and interest / Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk ; translated by George D. Huncke and Hans F. Sennholz. – South Holland, Ill. : Libertarian Press, ©1959. – See “Development of ideas on interest in England” (vol. 1:27-30)


Zuckerkandl, R.

Zur Theorie des Preises : mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der geschichtlichen Entwicklung der Lehre / von Robert Zuckerkandl. – Leipzig : Duncker & Humblot, 1889.

See p. 125-131, 233-234.

LNL 1:6, 5:23


Böhm-Bawerk, E. von.

Capital and interest. – See entry under 1884.

Hasbach, W.

Die allgemeinen philosophischen Grundlagen der von François Quesney und Adam Smith begründeten politischen Ökonomie / von Wilhelm Hasbach. – Leipzig : Duncker & Humblot, 1890. – (Staats- und socialwissenschaftliche Forschungen ; Band 10, 2. Heft)

See Ch. 4, “Locke und seine Schüler” (p. 48-90 [esp. 48-56])

Cs 98


Seligman, E. R. A.

On the shifting and incidence of taxation / by Edwin R.A. Seligman. – Baltimore : American Economic Association, 1892. – (Publications of the American Economic Association ; vol. 7, no. 2-3)

See “Those who favor a single tax on land” (p. 18-20)

Also: The shifting and incidence of taxation / by Edwin R.A. Seligman. – 2nd ed. – New York ; London : Macmillan, 1899. – See p. 71-78.

LNL 5:22 [1925 ed.]


Bonar, J.

Philosophy and political economy in some of their historical relations / by James Bonar. – London : S. Sonnenschein ; New York : Macmillan, 1893. – (Library of philosophy)

See Book 2, ch. 5, “Locke” (p. 91-103)

C 121; Y&Y 1893.1


Macleod, H. D.

Bimetalism / by Henry Dunning Macleod. – London : Longmans, Green, 1894.

See “Locke on money” (p. 25-35)

LNL 5:21

Ritchie, D. G.

“Locke, John” / D.G.R. // IN: Dictionary of political economy / edited by R.H. Inglis Palgrave. – London : Macmillan, 1894-99. – vol. 2:631-634.

Reprinted in: Palgrave’s Dictionary of political economy / edited by Henry Higgs. – London : Macmillan, 1923-26. – vol. 2:631-634.

LNL 5:21 [1923]


Bonar, J.

“Locke on currency” / J.B. // IN: Dictionary of political economy / edited by R.H. Inglis Palgrave. – London : Macmillan, 1894-99. – vol. 2 (1896):634-637.

Reprinted in: Palgrave’s Dictionary of political economy / edited by Henry Higgs. – London : Macmillan, 1926. – vol. 2 (1926):634-637.

LNL 5:19 [1926]

Shaw, W. A.

Select tracts and documents illustrative of English monetary history, 1626-1730 : comprising work Sir Robert Cotton, Henry Robinson, Sir Richard Temple and J.C., Sir Isaac Newton, John Conduitt, together with extracts from the domestic state papers at H.M. Record Office / [compiled] by Wm. A. Shaw. – London : Wilsons & Milne, 1896.

C 25, 26; Y&Y 1896.5


Cheves, L. (ed.)

The Shaftesbury papers and other records relating to Carolina and the first settlement on Ashley River prior to the year 1676 / published by the South Carolina Historical Society ; prepared for publication by Langdon Cheves, esq. – [Charleston, S.C. : South Carolina Historical Society, 1897]. – 523 p. – (Collections of the South Carolina Historical Society ; vol. 5)

Includes transcriptions of reports prepared by Locke as secretary to the Lords Proprietors.

Reprinted, with a new preface by Robert M. Weir and a new introduction by Charles H. Lesser: Charleston, SC : Tempus Publishing, Inc., ©2000.


Seligman, E. R. A.

The shifting and incidence of taxation. – See entry under 1892.


Norman, J. H.

Lecture upon Locke’s school of money : the principles and practice of Locke’s “school of money” and unsound currency substitutes for money, 1695, arithmetically unveiled to the easy comprehension of travellers, sailors, and soldiers of to-day / by John Henry Norman. – London : Gilbert & Rivington, 1900. – 59 p.

C 120; Y&Y 1900.4

Schacht, H.

Der theoretische Gehalt des englischen Merkantilismus … / vorgelegt von Hjalmar Schacht. – Berlin : G. Mann, 1900. – 105 p. – Inaug.-Diss.–Kiel.

C 121