Four arrangements are provided:

Arranged by Date of Publication

Republications of writings in collections are not separately listed. Place of publication was London unless otherwise stated. Figures in square brackets indicate number of editions.

1686:   Methode nouvelle (French; Amsterdam)   [1]

1689:   Essay; Two treatises; Epistola de tolerantia (Latin; Gouda); Toleration; Toleration (Dutch; Rotterdam)   [5]

1690:   Toleration; Second letter concerning toleration   [2]

1691:   Second treatise (French; Amsterdam)   [1]

1692:   Some considerations   [1]

1693:   Education (twice); Third letter concerning toleration   [3]

1694:   Essay; Two treatises   [2]

1695:   Essay; Education; Education (French; Amsterdam); Short observations; Further considerations (twice); Reasonableness; Vindication   [8]

1696:   Essay Abridgment; Reasonableness; Reasonableness (French; Amsterdam); Some considerations; Short observations; Further considerations; Several papers   [7]

1697:   Letter to Bishop; Reply to Bishop; Second vindication   [3]

1698:   Two treatises; Education (Dutch; Rotterdam)   [2]

1699:   Education; Education (French; Geneva?); 2nd Reply to Bishop   [3]

1700:   Essay; Essay (French; Amsterdam); Essay Abridgment   [3]

1701:   Essay (Latin)   [1]

1703:   Abridged Vindications (French; Amsterdam)   [1]

1704:   Galatians   [1]

1705:   Epistola de tolerantia (Latin; Amsterdam); Education   [2]

1706:   Essay; Posthumous works; Galatians; 1 Corinthians; 2 Corinthians   [5]

1707:   Romans; Ephesians; Essay for understanding St. Paul; Paraphrase; New method   [5]

1708:   Education (French; Amsterdam); Education (German; twice: Greifswald, Leipzig); Galatians   [4]

1709:   Essay (Latin; Leipzig); Essay Abstract; Education; Education (Swedish; Stockholm); Paraphrase   [5]

1710:   Essay; Toleration (German; no place); Education; Selected works (French; Rotterdam)   [4]

1711:   Education (French; Paris); Methode nouvelle (German; Frankfurt and Leipzig)   [2]

1712:   Education   [1]

1713:   Two treatises   [1]

1714:   Essay (French; The Hague); Toleration (German; no place); Works   [3]

1715:   Essay (vol. 2); Education (French; “Amsterdam” [Berne?]); Reasonableness and abridged Vindications (French; Amsterdam)   [3]

1716:   Essay (vol. 1); Two treatises [?] (German; Jena)   [2]

1718:   Second treatise (German; Frankfurt and Leipzig); Some considerations (abridged); Galatians; 1 Corinthians   [4]

1720:   Essay Abridgment (French); Collection of several pieces   [2]

1721:   Essay; Essay Abridgment; Education; Education (French; Amsterdam)   [4]

1722:   Works   [1]

1723:   Essay (French; “Amsterdam” [Basel?]   [1]

1724:   Second treatise (French; Geneva); Toleration (German; no place); Collection of several pieces   [3]

1725:   Education   [1]

1726:   Essay; Second treatise (Swedish; Stockholm)   [2]

1727:   Education (French; “Amsterdam” [Geneva?]; Works   [2]

1728:   Essay Abridgment (Dublin); Essay Abstract (twice: London, Dublin); Two treatises; Second treatise (Dutch; Groningen); Toleration (German; Hamburg and Leipzig); Education (Dublin)   [7]

1729:   Essay (French; Amsterdam); Education (German; Hanover); Reasonableness (Dutch; Amsterdam)   [3]

1730:   Education (French; “Amsterdam” [Geneva?]; Toleration (Dutch; Harlingen); Reasonableness (French; The Hague)   [3]

1731:   Essay; Essay Abridgment; Reasonableness and Vindication 1; Reasonableness and abridged Vindications (French; Amsterdam)   [4]

1732:   Education; Selected works (French; Amsterdam)   [2]

1733:   Education (French; Amsterdam); Reasonableness and abridged Vindications (German; Braunschweig); Paraphrase   [2]

1734:   Essay Abridgment (Dublin); Toleration (Dutch; Amsterdam)   [2]

1735:   Essay; Essay (French; Amsterdam); Essay Abstract (Dublin); Education (Italian; twice: Lucca, Venice)   [5]

1736:   Education (Italian; Verona; selections); Reasonableness and Vindications   [2]

1737:   Essay Abridgment; Education (Dublin); Education (French; Amsterdam)   [3]

1738:   Essay Abridgment (French; Geneva); Education (twice: London, Dublin); Paraphrase (Dublin)   [4]

1739:   Collection of several pieces; Methode nouvelle (Dutch; Amsterdam)   [2]

1740:   Toleration (no place); Reasonableness and abridged Vindications (French; Amsterdam); Works   [2]

1741:   Essay; Essay (Latin; Leipzig); Essay Abridgment (French; twice: “London” [Paris?], Geneva); Conduct   [4]

1742:   Essay (French; Amsterdam); Paraphrase (twice)   [3]

1743:   Essay Abridgment (Glasgow); Toleration (Boston, Mass.); Education (French; Amsterdam; twice); Miracles (Glasgow)   [4]

1744:   Education (French; Amsterdam)   [1]

1745:   Education   [1]

1746:   Essay Abridgment (French; “London” [Paris?]); Education (French; Lausanne)   [2]

1747:   Education (French; Paris)   [1]

1748:   Essay; Reasonableness and Vindications   [2]

1749:   Second treatise (French; Brussels? [Paris?])   [1]

1750:   Essay (French; “Amsterdam” [Paris?]); Education (Italian; Lucca); Elements of natural philosophy and Reading (no date; twice)   [4]

1751:   Essay Abridgment (Dublin); Essay Abridgment (French; “London” [Paris?]); Essay Abstract; Education (Italian; Venice); Several papers (Italian; Florence); Paraphrase; Works; Elements of natural philosophy and Reading (Glasgow)   [8]

1752:   Essay Abridgment (Glasgow); Essay Abstract (London and York); Education (twice: London, Edinburgh)   [4]

1753:   Essay (London; Berwick); Second treatise (selections); Education (Dutch; Amsterdam)   [4]

1754:   Second treatise (French; Brussels? [Paris?]) ; Conduct (Glasgow); Elements of natural philosophy and Reading (Berwick)   [3]

1755:   Essay (French; Amsterdam and Leipzig); Second treatise (French; Amsterdam); Conduct (German; Königsberg)   [3]

1757:   Essay (German; Altenburg); Toleration (Glasgow); Methode nouvelle (Dutch; Amsterdam); Elements of natural philosophy (French; Amsterdam and Leipzig)   [4]

1758:   Essay (French; “Amsterdam” [Paris?]); Essay (Latin; Leipzig); Reasonableness (German; Berlin and Leipzig); Elements of natural philosophy (Glasgow)   [4]

1759:   Essay (Glasgow); Education (Russian; Moscow); abridged Vindications (German; Berlin and Leipzig); Works   [4]

1760:   Essay; Education (French; Lausanne); Education (Russian; Moscow)   [3]

1761:   Education (German; Leipzig)   [1]

1762:   Toleration; Conduct; Methode nouvelle (Dutch; Amsterdam)   [3]

1763:   Conduct (Glasgow); Paraphrase   [2]

1764:   Two treatises; Toleration (Wilmington, Delaware); Toleration (French; [Geneva?]); Education; Reasonableness; Elements of natural philosophy and Reading (Whitehaven)   [6]

1765:   Essay (Edinburgh); Letters concerning toleration   [2]

1766:   Essay Abridgment (Dutch; Antwerp); Two treatises (Dublin); Observations on … vines   [3]

1767:   Essay Abridgment (Edinburgh)   [1]

1768:   Essay; Paraphrase (Dutch; Amsterdam); Paraphrase (German; Frankfurt, 1768-69); Works   [4]

1769:   Essay Abridgment (Dublin); Education; Methode nouvelle (Dutch; Amsterdam)   [3]

1770:   Essay Abridgment (Edinburgh)   [1]

1772:   Essay (Dublin); Two treatises; Education   [3]

1773:   Second treatise (Boston, Mass.); Second treatise (Italian; “Amsterdam”)   [2]

1774:   Essay (French; Amsterdam; twice); Essay Abridgment; Toleration (Dutch; Amsterdam); Second letter concerning toleration (Dutch; Amsterdam); Elements of natural philosophy (Russian; St. Petersburg)   [5]

1775:   Essay; Essay Abridgment (Italian; Milan)   [2]

1776:   Education (French; Amsterdam); Conduct (Italian; Milan)   [2]

1777:   Essay (twice: Dublin, Edinburgh); Works   [2]

1778:   Essay Abridgment (Edinburgh and London); Education (twice: London, Dublin)   [3]

1779:   Essay Abridgment; Two treatises (Dublin); Education (Edinburgh?)   [3]

1781:   Essay Abstract (Cambridge); Education (Italian); Education (Polish); Conduct (Cambridge)   [4]

1782:   Essay Abridgment; Education (Italian; Venice); Conduct (Dublin)   [3]

1783:   Second treatise (French; Amsterdam); Education (French; Paris)   [2]

1784:   Essay (Polish; Crocow; selections); Toleration   [2]

1785:   Reasonableness   [1]

1786:   Essay (twice: London, Dublin); Essay (French; Paris; vol. 1)   [3]

1787:   Essay (French; Paris; vol. 2); Education (German; twice: Vienna and Wolfenbüttel, Leipzig)   [3]

1788:   Essay; Essay (Latin; Naples, 1788-91); Essay Abridgment (French; twice: Geneva, Dresden); Toleration (twice: Windsor, Vermont; York); Education (Russian; Moscow)   [6]

1790:   Essay Abridgment (Italian; Venice); Second treatise (French; Paris; selections); Toleration (Stockbridge, Mass.)   [3]

1791:   Essay (French; Amsterdam); Essay Abridgment (Dresden); Essay Abridgment (German; Mannheim); Essay Abstract; Reasonableness   [5]

1792:   Essay Abridgment (French; Uppsala); Education (Italian; Venice)   [2]

1793:   Essay; Toleration (Swedish; Stockholm)   [2]

1794:   Essay Abridgment (Boston, Mass.); Essay Abridgment (Italian; Venice); Two treatises (Dublin); Second treatise (Sheffield; selections); Conduct; Paraphrase; Works   [7]

1795:   Essay; Essay (French; Paris); Essay (German; Jena and Leipzig, 1795-97); Second treatise (French; Paris; twice); Miracles (Swedish; Delén)   [6]

1796:   Essay; Essay Abridgment (Greek; Venice); Essay Syllabus; Two treatises (Dublin); Toleration (Huddersfield); Toleration (German; Leipzig)   [6]

1798:   Essay (Edinburgh and Glasgow); Second treatise (Dublin; twice); Education (French; Paris)   [4]

1799:   Essay (French; Paris)   [1]

1800:   Essay (French; Bern); Toleration; Education; Conduct   [4]