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Shimokawa, K. & Anstey, P. R. (eds.)

Locke on knowledge, politics and religion : new interpretations from Japan / edited by Kiyoshi Shimokawa and Peter R. Anstey. – London ; New York : Bloomsbury Academi, 2021.


    Introduction : Locke and Japan
    Kiyoshi Shimokawa

    Part I   Knowledge and experimental method

  1. Locke and non-propositional knowledge
    Peter R. Anstey
  2. Boyle and Locke on primary and secondary qualities : a reappraisal
    Shigeyuki Aoki
  3. Berkeley’s experimental method in An essay towards a new theory of vision
    Yasuaki Nakano
  4. Part II   Law and politics

  5. A defence of Locke’s consent theory against Hume’s critique
    Takumichi Kojo
  6. Locke’s political constitutionalism : a re-examination of his idea of the prerogative
    Ryuichi Yamaoka
  7. The death penalty and a Lockean impossibilism
    Masaki Ichinose
  8. Part III   Religion and toleration

  9. Locke’s harm argument and the largeness of toleration
    Kiyoshi Shimokawa
  10. Salvation and reasonableness in Locke’s Reasonableness of Christianity
    Keisuke Takei
  11. Locke on sex, marriage and the state
    J. K. Numao