[ Table of Contents ]   [ Chapter 3: Philosophy ]

Stuart, M. (ed.)

A companion to Locke / edited by Nattgew Stuart. –; Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Wiley Blackwell, 2016. – xvii, 569 pages. – (Blackwell companions to philosophy ; 59)


Notes on Contributors   (pages ix-xv)

References to Locke’s Works   (pages xvi-xvii)

Matthew Stuart   (pages 1-23)

Part I, Life and Background

  1. Locke’s life
    Mark Goldie   (pages 27-44)
  2. The contexts of Locke’s political thought
    Jacqueline Rose   (pages 45-63)
  3. Locke and natural philosophy
    Peter R. Anstey   (pages 64-81)
  4. Locke and scholasticism
    E. J. Ashworth   (pages 82-99)
  5. Locke and Descartes
    Lisa Downing   (pages 100-119)

Part II, Metaphysics and Epistemology

  1. The genesis and composition of the Essay
    J. R. Milton   (pages 123-139)
  2. The theory of ideas
    David Soles   (pages 140-156)
  3. Locke’s critique of innatism
    Raffaella De Rosa   (pages 157-174)
  4. Locke on perception
    Michael Jacovides   (pages 175-192)
  5. Primary and secondary qualities
    Robert A. Wilson   (pages 193-211)
  6. Locke on essence and the social construction of kinds
    Kenneth P. Winkler   (pages 212-235)
  7. Locke’s theory of identity
    Dan Kaufman   (pages 236-259)
  8. Liberty and suspension in Locke’s theory of the will
    Don Garrett   (pages 260-278)
  9. Language and meaning
    E. J. Lowe   (pages 279-295)
  10. Locke on knowledge and belief
    Antonia LoLordo   (pages 296-312)
  11. Sensitive knowledge: Locke on skepticism and sensation
    Jennifer Nagel   (pages 313-333)
  12. Locke on thinking matter
    Martha Brandt Bolton   (pages 334-353)
  13. The correspondence with Stillingfleet
    Matthew Stuart   (pages 354-369)

Part III, Government, Ethics, and Society

  1. Locke on the law of nature and natural rights
    S. Adam Seagrave   (pages 373-393)
  2. Locke on property and money
    Richard Boyd   (pages 394-412)
  3. Locke on the social contract
    A. John Simmons   (pages 413-432)
  4. Locke on toleration
    Alex Tuckness   (pages 433-447)
  5. Locke on education
    Ruth W. Grant and Benjamin R. Hertzberg   (pages 448-465)

Part IV, Religion

  1. Locke’s philosophy of religion
    Marcy P. Lascano   (pages 469-485)
  2. The Reasonableness of Christianity and A paraphrase and notes on the Epistles of St Paul
    Victor Nuovo   (pages 486-502)

Part V, Locke’s Legacy

  1. Locke and British empiricism
    Louis E. Loeb   (pages 505-527)
  2. Locke and the liberal tradition
    Richard J. Arneson   (pages 528-545)
  3. Locke and America
    Mark Goldie   (pages 546-563)

Index   (pages 564-569)