Yolton, J. S. (ed.)

A Locke miscellany : Locke biography and criticism for all / edited by Jean S. Yolton. – Bristol : Thoemmes, c1990. – xvi, 382 p.


“House of Locke’s birth” (frontispiece)

“Introduction” (p. xv-xvi)

“John Locke” / C.D. Broad (p. 1-24)

“John Locke” / R.G.B. (p. 25-26)

“Letter from the Third Earl of Shaftesbury to Jean Le Clerc” (p. 27-33)

“John Locke, ‘the order of nature’ ” / T.S. Gregory (p. 34-45)

“John Locke, the exile” / Maurice Cranston (p. 46-54)

“John Locke in the republic of letters” / Rosalie L. Colie (p. 55-74)

“The diffusion and influence of Locke’s Essay concerning human understanding in France before Voltaire’s Lettres philosophiques” / Gabriel Bonno (p. 75-85)

“John Locke as a physician” / Sir William Osler (p. 86-126)

“John Locke as founder of the Board of Trade” / Peter Laslett (p. 127-136)

“John Locke’s pocket book” / George Williamson (p. 137-147)

“John Locke’s papers” / Sir Edmund Craster (p. 148-152)

“Locke’s ‘coquinaria’ ” / Jean S. Yolton (p. 153-160)

“John Locke’s herbarium” / J.W. Gough (p. 161-165)

Locke articles from Horae sabbaticae / Sir James Fitzjames Stephen

“Locke’s Essay on the human understanding” (p. 166-178) – “Locke as a moralist” (p. 178-190) – “Locke on government” (p. 190-202) – “Locke on toleration” (p. 202-215)

“The correspondence of John Locke” / Esmond S. de Beer (p. 216-225)

“John Locke’s library : portrait of an intellectual” / Richard Ashcraft (p. 226-245)

“Letter XIII on Mr Locke” / F.M.A. Voltaire (p. 246-253)

“Locke, philosophy of (History of modern philosophy)” / Denis Diderot (p. 254-260)

“John Locke” / S.T. Coleridge (p. 261-292)

Tristram Shandy and Locke’s Essay concerning human understanding / Vivian H.S. Mercier (p. 293-299)

“Gulliver, the Locke-Stillingfleet controversy, and the nature of man” / Rosalie L. Colie (p. 300-304)

“Sherlock Holmes, Locke’s disciple” / Andrew Page (p. 305-317)

“John Locke” / Gilbert Ryle (p. 318-331)

“Oates, Sir Francis Masham’s house (illustration)” (p. 332)

“The character of Mr Locke” / Pierre Coste (p. 333-347)

“The life and character of Mr John Locke” / Lady Damaris Masham (p. 348-352)

“The last will and testament of John Locke, Esq.” (p. 353-362)

“Epitaph to John Locke” (p. 363-364)

“Notes on contributors” (p. 365-370)

“Index of names” (p. 371-382)