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Paraph F

Fanshawe, William, ca. 1640/3-1708.

1675 Sep 14: Letter to Locke from Fanshawe.

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Fell, John, Dean of Christ Church, later Bishop of Oxford, 1625-1686.

1663 Oct 4: Letter of recommendation for Locke from Fell, Dr Edward Pococke and Richard Gardiner.

1666 Nov 3: Letter from the Earl of Clarendon to Fell.

1666 Nov 14: Letter from King Charles II to Fell.

1670 Dec 8: Letter of recommendation from Lord Ashley to Fell.

1675 Nov 8: Letter to Locke from Fell.

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Flower, Henry.

1665 Aug 3: Letter to Locke from Flower.

See also Index of Correspondents

Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, 1620-1688.

1665 Nov 11: Diplomatic mission to the Elector headed by Sir Walter Vane; Locke served as his secretary.