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Paraph N


1654 Jan-Feb?: Letter from Locke to “N”.

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Neile, Sir Paul, 1613-1686.

1666 Nov 28: Letter from Locke to Neile (missing).

1666 Dec 1: Letter to Locke from Neile.

1668 Nov 19: Neile proposes Locke for membership in the Royal Society.

See also Index of Correspondents

Nevock, Mr.

1676 Apr 30/May 10: Locke sent shipment of seeds to Thomas Stringer by Nevock.

Nicholas, Sir John, 1623/4-1705.

1673 October: Letter from Nicholas to Sir Robert Howard.

See also Index of Correspondents

Northumberland, Elizabeth Percy, Countess of, 1646?-1690.

1672 Oct 19: Letter from Locke to Dr. John Mapletoft, who had accompanied Lady Northumberland to Aix.