Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin

Letter to Nicolas Toinard, 6 June 1679; copy in British Library, Add. MS. 28,836, ff. 6-8.
[printed in Alfred Morrison, Catalogue, vol. 3 (1888):184-185; De Beer, ii. 475; Goldie (ed.), Selected correspondence, p. 76-77; from the copy in Ollion (ed.), Notes sur la correspondance de John Locke (1908), p. 40-43; and Ollion (ed.), Lettres inédites de John Locke à ses amis …, pp. 23-27; a facsimile of part of the letter is included in Weil, “Aus einem Briefe John Lockes” (1925/26)]

Letter to Philippus van Limborch, 12/22 June 1687.
[printed De Beer, iii. 938]

Letter from Dr. Hans Sloane, 25 August 1694.
[printed De Beer, v. 1775 (from Puttick & Simpson sale catalogue, 28 April 1859, no. 469), ix. 1775*]

Letter to Cornelius Lyde, 3 August 1697.
[printed De Beer, vi. 2290]