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Weather diary

See   description under 1666.

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Deus   [ca. 1672-75]

Location:   Adversaria 1661, p. 18.

Description:   An undated note in Locke’s hand, with the marginal caption “Deus.”

Publications:   None

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Sapientia 72   (1672)

Location:   MS. Locke c. 28, f. 41.

Description:   An outline classification of branches of knowledge in Locke’s hand, with the marginal caption “Sapientia 72 (it was presumably written during 1672). The main branches are Prudentia; Physica; Theologia; Politica and Metaphysica. DiBiase designates this as “Scheme 2” for Physica, but as a variant of Scheme 1 for the other headings.
A single sheet of paper, 287 × 188 mm.


  1. “Theologia, ethics, and natural law in Locke’s classifications of knowledge and Adversaria / Giuliana Di Biase. // IN: Locke studies. – 14 (2014):226-227. – Includes the sections on Theologia, Politia, and Metaphysica (f. 41v) and Prudentia (f. 41r); the section on Physica (f. 41r) is not included; preserves Locke’s tabular arrangement.
  2. Physica in John Locke’s Adversaria and classifications of the branches of knowledge” / Giuliana Di Biase. // IN: Locke studies. – 16 (2016):156. – Includes the section on Physica (f. 41r); preserves Locke’s tabular arrangement.

Discussions:   Di Biase, “The development of the concept of prudentia in Locke’s classification of knowledge” (2013), pages 91-93; Di Biase, publication #1, pages 191-196; Di Biase, publication #2, pages 102-109.

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To Mr Greenhill with Cowleys Poems

Location:   National Archives, PRO 30/24/17, f. 157.

Description:   Copy of a short poem (14 lines) with the title “To Mr Greenhill with Cowleys Poems” made by Benjamin Martyn in a draft for his biography of the first Earl of Shaftesbury. Martyn noted that “The following copy of verses, written by Mr. Locke, may be some entertainment to the reader. They are in Mr. Locke’s hand-writing, among other poetical performances of his, and, by the corrections in the manuscript, are evidently his first thoughts. There were addressed to Mr. Greenhill, with Cowley’s Poems, in the year 1672, at which time the pictures were drawn.” The original manuscript no longer survives. Milton is skeptical about Martyn’s belief that the original was in Locke’s hand (“this is an area where many false identifications have been made”), and believes that the title perhaps indicates that the poem accompanied a copy of Abraham Cowley’s Works (1668, with reprints in 1668, 1669, 1672 and 1674), presented to the painter John Greenhill, who painted Shaftesbury’s portrait in 1672 or 1673.


  1. The life of Anthony Ashley Cooper first Earl of Shaftesbury. [privately printed, 1770-1771]. – Page 248.
  2. The life of the first Earl of Shaftesbury / Benjamin Martyn and Andrew Kippis. – London , 1836. – 2:13n.
  3. Literary and historical writings / John Locke ; edited by J. R. Milton. – Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019. – (The Clarendon edition of the works of John Locke). – page 199.

Discussions:   Milton, publication #3 above, pages 8-9, 145.

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