Newton’s apocalyptic time chart (1691)

Weather register (December 9, 1691-December 31, 1692)

Weather diary

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Newton’s apocalyptic time chart   (1691)

Location:   Bodleian Library, MS. Locke c. 27, f. 88r.

Description:   A table illustrating the fulfillment of propohecy of the seven seals, etc., written by Isaac Newton, endorsed by Locke “Revelations 1691”.


  1. “Schematic interpretation of the Book of Revelation composed by Isaac Newton and sent to John Locke (1690s).” // IN: The Newton Project Canada. Available online at: http://www.isaacnewton.ca/apoc_time_chart/Newton_apocalyptic_chart.pdf [viewed 15 June 2009]

Discussions:   “Newton’s apocalyptic time chart.” // IN: The Newton Project Canada. Available online at: http://www.isaacnewton.ca/apoc_time_chart/ [viewed 15 June 2009]

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Weather register, December 9, 1691-December 31, 1692   [MS: March 1704]

Location:   British Library, MS. Sloane 4039, ff. 261-270.

Description:   A fair copy in the hand of Locke’s last manservant William Shaw, with notes in Locke’s hand, with the title “A Register Kept by Mr Locke at Oates.” Not in Locke’s hand, apart from some initial entries, some of the headers, and some annotations. Enclosed in a letter from Locke to Hans Sloane, 15 March 1704 (ff. 259-260) [Letter #3489]. Sloane was in 1704 the secretary of the Royal Society and editor of Philosophical transactions; the manuscript shows editorial markings (by Sloane?) indicating sections not to be included in the printed version, which appeared in the April 1705 issue.

This register is a segment of Locke’s “Weather diary, Oxford and London June 1666-June 1683; Otes Dec 1691-May 1703” [MS. Locke d. 9, pp. 531-471 rev.]


  1. “A register of the weather for the year 1692, kept at Oates in Essex.” By Mr. John Locke. // IN: Philosophical transactions. For the month of April 1705. Numb. 298:1917-1937.
  2. [Locke’s complete weather register will be included in:] Writings on natural philosophy and medicine / John Locke ; edited by Peter Anstey and Lawrence Principe. – Oxford : Clarendon Press, forthcoming. – (The Clarendon edition of the works of John Locke)

Discussions:   De Beer, vol. 8:239.

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Weather diary (1691 from December 9)

See   description under 1666.

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