Dr. Nicholas Fisher

A volume containing miscellaneous poems, once in the possession of James Tyrrell.

A volume containing miscellaneous verses by various poets, including Sackville, Waller, Rochester and Dryden; The poems were most likely copied from manuscripts circulating during the 1670s.

The volume was once in the possession of Locke’s friend James Tyrrell. It remained in the custody of his family until 1855, when it was sold at auction. The volume was subsequently owned by Richard Monckton Milnes, first Baron Houghton, and his son Robert, and is currently owned by Dr. Nicholas Fisher.

4o. [360] pages (most blank).

The followng poem is ascribed by Locke in a note by Tyrrell:

ff. 15v-17v:

“Curse on the Park” [copied 1680-1683?]