Biblioteca Marciana, Venice

MS. Lat. VII, 22

A bound volume in which Locke made notes from medical texts. He used topical captions based on the chapter headings in Daniel Sennert’s Institutiones medicinae [in Sennert, Opera omnia (Lyon, 1656)]. He began entering excerpts from Sennert, and later added notes from other authors, such as Thomas Sydenham, J. B. von Helmont, and Grunlingius. Most of the pages were left empty.

According to a note in the manuscript, Locke gave the notebook to P. Costeo, who later gave it to Antonio Cocchi, with whose papers it came to the Marciana.

2o. 145 × 95 mm. vi, 106 107-114 pages (pages 18 and 19 are repeated). Bound in calf, with some blind tooling.

Discussion:   Michael Stolberg, “John Locke’s ‘new method of making common-place-books’ : tradition, innovation and epistemic effects” (2014), pages 451, 458.

MS. Lat. VII, 22

[bound in]:

Letter from Locke to Edward Clarke, 30 October 1701.

[printed De Beer, vii. 3025]