Dr. Paul Mellon

Letter from Dr. Edward Pococke to Locke, 29 May 1680.
[printed De Beer, ii. 542]

Letter from an anonymous correspondent to [Locke?], 9 November 1680; inserted into Locke’s interleaved Bible [H&L 307].
[De Beer, ii. 590A (not printed)]

Letter from Sir Paul Neile to [Locke?], 22 February 1681; found among Locke’s books.
[printed De Beer, ii. 628]

Letter from Hendrik Wetstein to Locke, 20/30 June 1688; found attached to the endpapers of Locke’s copy of Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala denudata (1677) [H&L 558].
[printed De Beer, iii. 1060A]

Letter from Edward Pococke jnr. to Locke, 18 March 1690.
[printed De Beer, iv. 1267]