Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke b. 2

A guardbook in which are mounted papers relating to Locke’s books and library, 1675-1704. These include the following catalogues of Locke’s library:

A Catalogue of Mr [Caleb] Banks’s books and mine put into boxes Jul. 78 (ff. 6-7); endorsed by Locke “Libri Jul 78”; and “A catalogue of my books left at Paris 78; there is another copy of this list in Locke’s journal for 1678 (MS. Locke f. 3, pages 172-183)

A list endorsed “These boxes of books left with Mr Brisban [John Brisbane] at our coming from Paris May 79 (ff. 20-21)

A list endorsed “Libri A catalogue of such books of mine as I laid aside at Sr John Banks’s May 79 (ff. 22-23)

A list of his library in Holland, indexed according to his earlier method, indenting headings under an alphabet at the top of the page; endorsed “Libri Oct 86” (ff. 43-44)

“Catalogus librorum Jo. Locke,” written by Sylvester Brounover with additions by Locke; the latest date of publication is 1687 (ff. 85-90)

A list of books in alphabetical order by authors’ names, written by Sylvester Brounover; the latest date of publication is 1688 (ff. 91-114)

A list endorsed “Libri” and “A catalogue of physick books sent for from Mr Tyrrell’s 91” (ff. 121-122)

A copy by Brounover of the previous item; endorsed “Libri” and “Physick books sent for to Mr Tyrrell 91” (f. 123)

“A catalogue of books Recd from Mr Tyrrell Oct 91” written by Brounover, using Locke’s indexing style, with headings indented under an alphabet; endorsed by Locke “Libri” and “Recd from Mr Tyrrell 91” (f. 124)

“A catalogue of books & other things I recd from Mr Tyrrell. 91,”written by Brounover, using the same indexing style as the previous item (f. 125)

“A catalogue of the [medical] bookes belonging to Mr John Lock delivered by me James Tyrrell to Mr Will[iam] Thomas July 28o 1692,” written by Tyrrell, with additions in another hand, and some notes by Locke; endorsed by Locke “Libri” and “Books deliverd by Mr J: Tyrrell to Mr W. Thomas 28o July 92” (ff. 126-127)

“Things left by Mr Tyrrell at Mr Pawlings for me 91 or 92,” written by Brounover, except for the heading and endorsement “Libri 92” (f. 128)

“A catalogue of a Box of Books Receivd from Mr Wm Thomas 92/3,” written by Brounover and endorsed by Locke “Libri | Catalogue of books recd from Wm Thomas 93” (f. 130)

A list endorsed “Libri | A Catalogue of books left in London Jun 93,” written by Brounover (ff. 150-155)

A list endorsed “Libri | Bound books at Mr Pawlings in Litle Lincolns Inne feilds 94,” written by Brounover (f. 156)

Lists written by Brounover and Pawling (ff. 157-159); endorsed (f. 158v) “Libri Jul. 94 Books I gave Mr T. Pawling in exchange for others I had of him” and (f. 159v “Libri Jul: 94 Books I had in exchange of Mr T. Pawling for books he had from me”

“Catalogue of Books Rcd of Mr Thomas July 24th 95,” written by Brounover and endorsed “Libri Books restord to me by Mr Wm Thomas 95” (f. 160)

A list endorsed “Libri May 99 Sent me by Mr Toinard & Mr Du Bos” (f. 169)

A list written by Locke of books sent to and received from Toinard and Du Bos; endorsed “Bos Libri” (f. 170)

“A catalogue of unbound books at Mr Pawlings 19 Jun 99” (ff. 171-172)

“A catalogue of books Received from Mr La Motte 28 Aug. 02” (f. 182)

“Catalogue de quelques livres que j’ai pris chez Mr. Pawling, et qui appartiennnt à Mr. Locke,” written and singed by Pierre Coste, 1703; endorsed by Locke “P Coste Note of books on mine he took at Mr Pawlings 03” (f. 185)

The papers also include lists of:

books bought at auction sales (ff. 36, 40, 42, 66-68, 69-74, 76, 180)

bills for books bought (ff. 1, 19, 34, 48, 75, 115-116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 161, 162, 163, 164, 168, 173, 175, 176, 179, 181, 183, 184, 186)

several lists of books on travels (fols. 4, 14-16, 39, 129, 131-146, 147; the latter is endorsed “Voyages Mr Fraser 93”)

“Cartesii opera omnia”; endorsed “Cartesij opera et epistolorum 77” (f. 5)

“Catalogue de livres deffendus” (ff. 26-29)

A list of books “on a imprimé a Paris” late 1682 or early 1682, in the handwriting of Henri Justel and addressed to Locke; endorsed “Libri 82.” [printed De Beer, viii, 747A]

187 leaves.