Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke b. 3

A guardbook in which are mounted papers relating to money and the coinage.
141 leaves.

f. 1r:

Letter of dedication to [Lord Ashley?], [1668?]. A shorthand fragment endorsed “Usury 4 per cent 68”; draft notes for a dedication of the Early writings on interest.
[printed Locke on money i. 202; Corr. ix. 230A]

ff. 2-3:

A quire from Locke’s autograph of “Some of the consequences that are like to follow upon lessening of interest to 4 per cent”
The material was incorporated into Some considerations of the consequences of the lowering of interest (1691), the draft of which is MS. Locke d. 2.

f. 28:

Notes and excerpts by Locke from letters of Benjamin Furly, 12 Dec. 1690 and 5 Jan. 1691 [MS. Locke c. 9, fols. 51, 56] on the rate of interest and weight of coins in the United Provinces.

ff. 47-49:

Guineas (1695)

ff. 50-61:

Early draft of Further considerations (1695)

ff. 62-65:

A paper given to Sr Wm Trumbull (1695)

ff. 66-69:

Propositions sent to the Lords Justices (1695)

ff. 70-74:

Answer to My Lord Keeper’s queries (1695)

f. 102:

A paper on the pound sterling signed “Pr Mauvillain,” originally enclosed in a letter to Locke, 1696 (MS. Locke c. 16, fol. 81); endorsed “Money Mauvillain 95/6”

ff. 104-105:

“An account of Holland money writ me by Mr. B. Furley vid his letter of 1o May. 96”; endorsed “Money of Holland 96”. Summary of letter from Furly, 21 April/1 May 1696 [MS. Locke c. 9, ff. 135-136]. [printed De Beer, v. 2070]

f. 127v:

Letter from Isaac Newton to [William Popple?], 19 September 1698; copy by Sylvester Brounower. The letter is Newton’s response to a set of queries which the Board of Trade ordered its secretary (Popple) to send to Newton on 15 September 1698, relating to the effect of the value of guineas on trade; Newton’s response was read to the Board on 20 September 1698. [printed (as written by Locke) in Newton, Correspondence, iv. 282-284; De Beer, vi. 2488 (not printed)]