Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke b. 4

A guardbook in which are mounted miscellaneous papers.
116 leaves

ff. 1-2:

Passages copied from Edmund Ludlow’s Memoirs [date unknown]

ff. 75-76:

Printing 94: Criticisms of the Printing Act of 1662 [December 1694].

f. 77:

Printing 94/5: Draft bill for the better regulating of printing (1695); enclosed in a letter from John Freke and Edward Clarke to Locke, 14 March [1695]

f. 78:

Printing 94/5: Proposed amendments to the first 1695 Printing Bill; enclosed in a letter missing letter from Locke to John Freke and Edward Clarke, 18 March 1695.

ff. 79-80:

Reasons of the Commons against Reviveing the Printing Act 95 (18 April 1695)

ff. 86-87:

Letter from [James Johnstoun?], London, 27 February 1696/7, endorsed by Locke “Aikenhead 96/7 The Acts agt Blasphemie”; accompanied by ff. 88-108. [printed A complete collection of state trials ed. W. Cobbett, T. B. Howell, vol. xiii (1812):917-940 (includes the other documents); De Beer vi. 2207 (letter only); Goldie (ed.), Selected correspondence, pp. 241-242 (letter only)]

ff. 88-91:

“Indictmt:” signed “Aikenhead A-B”; clerical copy with corrections by Locke; endorsed (f. 89v) “Aikenhead 96 Indictmt” and (f. 91v) “Aikenhead 96”; 310 × 195 mm.

ff. 92-93:

Copy of Petition of Aikenhead to the Judiciary; signed C and endorsed “Aikenhead 96”; 298 × 184 mm.

ff. 94-96:

Copy of depositions of witnesses against Aikenhead, signed D-E and endorsed “Aikenhead”.

f. 97:

Copy of petition to the Privy Council, signed F and endorsed “Aikenhead”.

f. 98:

Copy of letter endorsed “Aikenhead L: Anstruthers letter concerning him 26 Jan 96/97”.

ff. 99-102:

Copy of a paper by Aikenhead; clerical copies correctedby Locke; signed “Aikenhead G-H” and endorsed “Aikenhead”.

ff. 103-106:

Another copy, not signed or endorsed.

ff. 107-108:

an unsigned letter about witches in Scotland, 1697; endorsed by Locke “Scotland Witches 97”.

ff. 109-114:

Scribal copy by William Shaw of Locke’s Memoirs relating to the life of Anthony First Earl of Shaftesbury.