Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke b. 7

Locke’s herbarium, part 2. A bound volume containing dried and pressed plants mounted on sheets of paper previously used for exercises by Locke’s pupils at Christ Church, between 1661 and 1664. This volume contains 486 specimens. For each, Locke recorded the Latin and (usually) English names, and the day and month of collection. The years of collection are recorded in an annotated copy of Catalogus Horti botanici Oxoniensis (1658) [MS. Locke f. 49]. The volume is dated “Anno 1665” inside the front cover.

Bound volume, 290 × 395 mm; spine 122 mm. Bound in fascicles. 369 leaves (numbered by Locke). Vellum binding with ties. The number “2” appears on the front cover.