Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 1

Locke’s ledger, 1671-1702. A bound volume, marked “Accts from 1664 to 1704” in the hand of Peter King. There is an alphabetical index of names and other account headings (p. ii-xxiv), with a tabbed alphabetical index. At the back of the volume is a separate section (numbered 1-64 from the back) containing primarily notes on loans of books, with a separate index on pp. 440-441.

Typically, an opening is allotted to each account with debits (“Dr”) on the left (verso) and credits (“Cr”) on the right (recto). Each entry is dated and there is a column containing page references to Locke’s journals or memorandum books.

Folio. 300 × 193 mm. xxiv, 373, 64-1 [= 374-437], 438-444 (= 442 pages; 176 and 177 and double). Bound in vellum.