Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 27

A guardbook in which are mounted papers relating to theology and religion.

285 leaves.

ff. 1-2:

Translation of a letter by Paolo Sarpi to the Abbot of St Medard, 22 July 1608.

The letter is printed in/copied from? Richard Parr, The life of the Most Reverend Father in God, James Usher, late Lord Arch-Bishop of Armagh, Primate and Metropolitan of all Ireland. … London : printed for Nathaniel Ranew …, 1686. There is nothing that connects this paper with Locke.

ff. 3-8:

The Questions of Abdulla Ebn Salam the Jew and answers of Mahomet, written in Arabicke by Abdalla Egn Abbas, and translated into English by J. G..

A dialogue between Muhammad and a Jew, translated by John Greaves, 1602-1652 (astronomer and orientalist; see ODNB). There is no indication of date and no endorsement; there is no clear connection to Locke, although Greaves was a colleague of Locke’s tutor Edward Pococke.

ff. 3-8:

An account by Thomas Greaves of a meeting with Archbisho Ussher, 18 Feb. 1655.

Thomas Greaves, 1611-1676, was the younger brother of John Greaves and was also an oriental scholar. This paper is undated and there is nothing to connect it to Locke.

f. 11:

Confessio fidei Cromwells 56.

A paper endorsed by Locke “Confessio fidei Cromwells 56”; there is nothing else that connects it to Locke.

f. 12:

Draft letter from Locke to “S H” [Henry Stubbe?] [mid-September 1659?].

Draft headed “S H”.

Salutation: Sir

Signature: your | Admirer

Contains Locke’s comments on Stubbe’s An essay in defence of the good old cause, which was published ca. September; a deleted note dated 5 September suggests that Locke obtained the book early in the month: [British Library, Add. MS 28.273, f. 12]

Printed: Corr., i. 75; Abrams (ed.), Two tracts on government (1967), pages. 242-244; Wootton (ed.), Political writings (1993), pages 137-139; Goldie (ed.), Selected correspondence, pages 12-13;

ff. 29a-b:

Excommunication (1674)

ff. 30a-b:

The particular test for priests [c. 1674]

f. 30c:

Philanthropoy or The Christian Philosopher’s (1675)

ff. 32-33:

Queries Popery (1675)

f. 53:

Draft of a testimonial to Nicolas Toinard, 3/13 December 1678; endorsed “Toynard 78.”

ff. 67-68v:

Boyle, Observations on his treatise 81 (1681)

ff. 69-71v:

De S. Scripturae Authoritate (1685)

ff. 73-74:

An inward inspiration or revelation (1687)

ff. 75-78:

Dubia circa Philosophiam Orientalem [1693?]

ff. 79-80:

Lexicon Syncatabasis 7 88 (1688)

f. 80a-b:

Pacifick Christians (1688)

f. 88r:

Newton’s apocalyptic time chart (1691)

ff. 92-93:

Observations on a discourse concerning natural & revealed Religion by S. N. 95 (1695)

f. 94:

Three revisions for the 2nd edition of The reasonableness of Christianity [1695?]

ff. 95-100:

Biblical verses [1695]

f. 101:

Draft text for The reasonableness of Christianity [1695?]

f. 102:

Fragment for The reasonableness of Christianity [1695?]

f. 103:

Adam ante lapsum immortalis [1695?]

ff. 104-111:

Lists of biblical verses [1695?]

ff. 112-113:

Redemption, Death [1697?]

ff. 114-115:

Christianity (1695)

ff. 116-117:

Life, Death (1695)

f. 118:

Christianity (1695)

ff. 119-120:

Lists of biblical passages [1695?]

f. 121-128:

Lists of biblical passages under an alphabetical subject list [1695?]

ff. 129-130:

Rewards [of] life & death (1695)

f. 131-137:

Spirit, soul, and body [1697 or later]

ff. 138-141:

Revelation, its several ways under the old Testament 96 (1696)

f. 142:

Who righteous man (1696)

f. 143-144:

Critique of Bentley, Of the revelation and the Messias (1696)

ff. 147-150:

Observations on Mr. Bolds papers (1698)

ff. 151-156:

“Some Remarks on Mr Edwards’s late papers entituled, A Brief Vindication of the ffundamental Articles of the Christian ffaith, &c.”; headed “Bold” pp. 1-12; three folded sheets, 192 × 150 mm.

ff. 162-177:

Resurrectio et quae sequuntur [1699?]

f. 207v:

Letter from Edward Clarke, 20 June 1702.

[printed De Beer, vii. 3152]

f. 211:

Part of a letter to [Awnsham Churchill?], 24 November 1702; struck through.

[printed De Beer, vii. 3218]

ff. 213-216:

Christianae religionis synopsis (1702)

ff. 217-220:

An essay for the understanding St Pauls Epistles … (1703)

ff. 221-223:

Synopsis Epistolarum Pauli [1703 or 1704]

ff. 224-220:

Extracts from The reasonableness of Christianity (1703/04)

ff. 238-245:

Volkelii Hypothesis lib. de vera religione [date unknown]

ff. 258-263:

Chronologia sacra [1693?]

f. 278:

Notes on 1 Corinthians XV.17-24 [date unknown]