Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 42A

A commonplace book containing medical and scientific notes, 1679 to 1694. It is one of two commonplace books bound together, apparently on instructions from Peter King. The first part contains notes on medical topics.

The notebook was begun in 1679 and was first used to transcribe notes taken in Locke’s journals during his stay in France, 1676-1679. The entries are dated, the first date being 28 Jan [16]76. There is an index according to Locke’s method of commonplacing on pp. x-xi.

2o. 336 × 222 mm. xii, 310 pages.

p. 12:

Thurneisserus (1679)

pp. 16-17:

The Titles of the Natural and Experimentall History of ye Air (1682)

p. 46:

Epilepsia (1681)

p. 88:

Mensura [1679]

p. 98:

Preliminary Topicks or Articles of enquiry in order to the history of Diseases (1682)

p. 100:

Sanitas tuenda (1679)

p. 182:

Pica (1679)

pp. 226-241:

Lapis (1680)

p. 241:

Lassitudo (1681)

p. 251:

Topica (1681)

pp. 258-259,

Copy of Sydenham’s “Tussis”, with additional observations.

p. 290:

Terra motus (1692)