Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 42B

A commonplace book containing non-scientific notes, 1679 to 1692. It is one of two commonplace books bound together, apparently on instructions from Peter King. This second part contains notes on a variety of philosophical and ethical topics.

The notebook was begun in 1679 and was first used to transcribe notes taken in Locke’s journals during his stay in France, 1676-1679. Most entries are dated. There is an index according to Locke’s method of commonplacing on pp. iv-v.

2o. 338 × 221 mm. vi, 252 pages (pp. 225-252 blank).

p. 6:

Politia (1679)

p. 22:

Adversaria (1679)

p. 32-33bis:

Evangelia 79 (1679)

p. 36:

Atlantis (1679)

p. 60:

Iustitia (1679)

p. 70:

Rosicrucians (1679)

p. 220:

Scriptura sacra (1692)

p. 224:

Ethica (1692)