Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 43

A large notebook in which Locke made notes on theological topics. Inside the front cover he wrote his shelfmark 13/29a and the title “Adversaria Theologica 94.” This volume was shelved with Locke’s books and is listed in his library catalogue [H&L 25].

The notebook begins with some important theological notes. Many of these are in the form of antitheses: opposing viewpoints on opposite pages, with scriptural citations under each; for example “Trinitas” (page 12) / “Non Trinitas” (page 13). There is an alphabetical index to these notes at the end of the volume (pages 1011-1019). Inserted between pages 46 and 47 is a single sheet of paper containing a note on “Voluntas.”

Later Locke prepared a section for notes on the book of the Apocrypha (pages 49-187), but in the event, only a single note on Baruch (page 140) was entered.

Still later, Sir Peter King turned the book back-to-front and used some of the blank pages for legal notes (pages 1-29 = pages 1000-972 rev.). The intervening pages (pages 184-971) are blank.

2o. 305 × 190 mm. iv, 187 [= page 185; page 169 omitted in numbering] 184-1028 pages. Locke numbered only the odd-numbered recto pages. The volume is bound in leather.

pp. 1-46:

Adversaria theologica 94 [1694/95?]

p. 47a/b:

Voluntas (1702)