Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke c. 44

A large notebook with the title “Adversaria physica 93” inscribed inside the front cover, as well as Locke’s shelfmark: 13/28a. This volume was shelved with Locke’s books and is listed in his library catalogue [H&L 24].

The notebook was originally used by Locke in his capacity as Secretary of Presentations to Lord Chancellor Shaftesbury (1672/3) for entering petitions for church livings (pages 1-23); for similar papers, cf. PRO 30/24/42/59. After Locke’s return to England in 1689, he used the book for a catalogue of that part of his library which had remained in London during his exile in Holland (pages 27-191). Finally, free space was used for medical and chemical notes, in the hand of Sylvester Brounower, with some additions and corrections by Locke (pages 24-26, 194-211).

2o. 313 × 192 mm. ii, 55, 56-454 pages (pp. 222-454 blank; Locke wrote the page numbers on pages 1-25 and on the rectos of pages 27-55). The volume is bound in leather, with some blind tooling.

pp. 27-193:

Catalogue of books in London [1689-91]