Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke d. 11

A large notebook with the title “Lemmata Physica” and used for notes on his medical reading. The notes are in a single alphabetical sequence; several pages are allotted to each letter, according to a version of Locke’s method for indexing a commonplace book, in this case an opening is allocated to each two-letter combination and columns are allocated for the second vowel in the heading. Notes are written on the verso (left-hand) page of each opening, with occasional continuations on the opposite recto.

The earliest notes date from 1658-59 and most were made while Locke was still at Oxford. The book was taken by him to Exeter House, and was in use in the early 1670s; after that, it remained unused until a final set of notes were added between 1693 and 1701.

At some point, Locke reversed the book and added indexes to the contents of various scientific and medical books published between 1647 and 1667 (ff. 287-263 rev.); the leaves containing these indexes are numbered 1-23; an index of the books indexed appears on f. 288 rev. and another list of books on f. 289 rev.

iii, 294 leaves (ff. 95-124, 125-128, 159-161, 166v-262 blank)