Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke e. 7

First Tract on Government (September-December 1660).

Fols. 35-36 contains the draft of a dedicatory epistle by Locke to [Gabriel Towerson?], dated 11 December 1660 (deleted in the manuscript); printed in Viano (ed.), Scritti editi e inediti sulla tolleranza (1961), pages 60-61; Abrams (ed.), Two tracts on government (1967), pages 174-175; Goldie (ed.), Selected correspondence, page 22-23; Corr., i. 108, ix. 108*.

4o. 47 leaves. 180 × 140 mm. 23 quires of two leaves each. Leaves 1-29 numbered by Locke, one unnumbered leaf at the beginning, 13 unnumbered leaves at end (10 blank). Bound in vellum.