Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke e. 8

Fair copy of Locke’s Early writings on interest.

The original paper (ff. 3-17) is titled “Some of ye Consequences yt are like to follow upon Lessening of Interest to 4 P[er] Cent.” It is followed by a “Supplement” (ff. 18-27) at the end of which appears “Sic cogitavit 1668 JL” in Locke’s hand. Finally, there are additions (ff. 28-31v) endorsed “Interest at 4 p[er] Cent [16]74” (f. 32v). Each of these three parts seems to constitute a separate quire; the pages are neither signed nor paginated. The manuscript is a fair copy by two amanuenses, with additions and corrections by Locke.

2o. 218 × 163 mm. [pi]3 [A]14 [B-F]2 [G]8 [H]3. 38 leaves (ff. 1-2, 32-38 blank). Supplement and additions numbered by Locke pages 13-40.