Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 15

A pocket memorandum book, 1677/78

Dated “30 Jun 1677” on the flyleaf, and inscribed “No. 1” on the back cover and “30 June 1677-30 Jun 1678” on both covers. Inside the front cover is bound a folded printed leaf containing “Almanach d’agenda, pour l’année 1678” Janvier-Juin.

The book is constructed according to Locke’s method of commonplacing. It was used primarily for accounts and lists of books, but there are some other notes. Some of the notes have been crossed out, indicating that they have been copied into other notebooks or ledgers. There is an index on pp. ii-iii.

A single large quire of folded sheets, sewn into a vellum wrapper, 137 × 80 mm. iv, 151, 152 pages.

The following individual notes have been included in this listing:

p. 110:


pp. 119-120:


p. 122-123: