Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 16

A bound volume containing a catalogue of Locke’s library, made by Sylvester Brownover [1693]. The original list is written on the rectos only; additions are written on the opposite versos. There are no books in the main list published later than 1693; there are additions published up to 1697, some of then in Locke’s hand. Further additions are listed in a separate section (pp. 242-270; separately numbered pp. 1-31).

The notebook was originally prepared for use as a commonplace book. The date “72” appears inside the front cover, and an index according to Locke’s method is on pp. ii-iii. The entries (pp. 1, 2, 5, 6, etc.) have been crossed out.

8o. 146 × 87 mm. A-R8. Pages 1-241 1-8, 10-31 = 272 (pp. 1-39 numbered; from p. 43 only the rectos are numbered)