Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 26

A volume containing Draft B of the Essay concerning human understanding (1671). The papers were sewn into a notebook by Locke and possibly bound. It was rebound after its acquisition by the Bodleian Library.

8o. 169 × 102 mm (A-Z); 145 × 83 mm (AA-EE; CC is 153 mm tall). π4 A8 π4 B10 [folded leaf inserted after B1/8] C-L8 M8+2 [folded leaf inserted after M1/8] N-T8 U16 W14 X-Y8 Z14 [X4 also signed; X8 inside X6?] AA-EE8. viii, 474 pages [=514 total pages; many pages repeated].

See the description of the draft for more details.