Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 27

Pocket memorandum book, 1664-1666.

Locke use both ends of the book, one for Mem[oranda] and the other for Q[ueries]. The header on most pages includes the date. Pages 94-146 mostly blank.

Locke used this book for miscellaneous medical and financial notes, some of them in shorthand; some of the entries are crossed out, indicating that they had been copies to other notebooks.

On page 93 and on the back paste-down are two notes by “Scribelia” [Anne Parry?]

176 pages (pp. 1-13 13a-b 14-57 55-65 67 67-82 82-93 94-147 23-1 rev.=148-170). 103 × 64 mm. Bound in calf, with some blind tooling and two clasps (neither survive).