Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 32

A parchment box containing unbound and unsigned quires. The top of the box is marked “Biblia out” and “out” also appears on the two longer sides of the top of the box; there are no visible markings on the bottom of the box.

At the beginning of the notebook are notes by Locke on Richard Simon’s Histoire critique du Vieux Testament (1685). These are followed by notes on the books of the Old Testament, chiefly extracts from commentaries (ff. 15ff). The notes are undated but one (on Daniel 7:13, f. 143v) is copied from a letter from Isaac Newton, 7 Feb. 1691 [MS. Locke c. 16, ff. 140-141].

8o. 160 × 95 mm. 167 leaves (= 168; f. 65 is double).

Individual items include:

ff. 1-14:

Hypothesis, Testamentum Vetus [ca. 1685]
Locke’s notes on Simon’s Histoire critique du Vieux Testament

f. 27r:

Note on Job 33:23 [early 1690s?]